10 Best Websites to Play Addicting Games Online

addicting games 
addicting games 

10 Best Websites to Play Addicting Games Online

If you’re looking for a way to kill time in your spare time, playing addicting games online is the perfect way to do it. With so many websites that offer these types of games available, you can find the perfect game that will entertain you and help pass the time. Here are ten of our favorite websites to play addicting games online.

10 Best Websites to Play Addicting Games Online

Who doesn’t love a little bit of fun? With so many websites that offer these types of games, you can find the perfect game that will entertain you and help pass the time. Here are ten of our favorite websites to play addicting games online:

1) AddictingGames

AddictingGames is an online store with lots of different addictive games to play. There are many different categories, including action games, brainteasers, hidden objects, word search puzzles, and more.

2) Yahoo Games

Yahoo Games is another website with plenty of options for your gaming needs. It has over 100 free games and over 12 million downloads.

3) Big Fish Games

Big Fish Games offers you plenty of options for your game playing needs. You can choose from a variety of different genres including puzzle games, match 3s, casinos, arcade classics, and more!

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4) Miniclip

Miniclip has been around since 1998 and it’s still one of the most popular websites in the world today. There are dozens upon dozens of free games to choose from on this website that offer hours upon hours of entertainment. You won’t be disappointed by the amount or quality offered by this website!

5) Kongregate

Kongregate offers millions of players two million titles to choose from on its site! These include adventure games such as “Secret Files: Tunguska” or “Zombie Lane.” This site also has a great selection

5 Best Websites for MMOs

World of Warcraft- World of Warcraft is an expansive, persistent world where players can explore and battle enemies in a variety of game modes.

Guild Wars 2- Guild Wars 2 is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game that offers players the chance to experience the thrill of exploration in a vibrant world.

Elder Scrolls Online- Elder Scrolls Online is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game where players experience character creation, exploration, combat, and more.

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Path of Exile- Path of exile is an action RPG with strong roguelike elements that features player vs player content.

Star Wars: The Old Republic- Star Wars: The Old Republic is an MMORPG created by BioWare for PC users that takes place in the Star Wars universe.

Best Gaming Website for Mobile Games

One of the best websites for playing mobile games is GameHouse. With a whopping 1,000+ free games on this website, it’s no wonder that they have such a high success rate. When you download one of their games, you get to play in your browser or on your smartphone!

Another great website for playing addicting games online is Steam. With over 100,000 titles available to play, there are countless hours of fun ahead of you. If you like fantasy and medieval themes and strategy-based gameplay, then this website is perfect for you.

Another website with an extensive selection of mobile games is Big Fish Games. This website has over 5 million titles for all types of different players in a variety of genres including puzzles, adventure, and more. On top of that, there’s also a wide variety of interactive game modes as well as social features such as chat rooms and private messages where players can share their experiences with friends and other gamers who are looking for the same game content!

Best Website for Playing Addicting PC Games

If you’re looking to play addicting PC games online, then look no further than Amazon. This site boasts over 4 million products from various categories including books & comics, music & movies, electronics & computers and even toys & sporting goods! With new releases being added every day, Amazon has an assortment of titles that will keep gamers entertained at all times – whether they’re after something casual like Farmville or complex like Civilization IV

5 Best Websites for Casual Games

1. Kongregate

2. Shockwave

3. Miniclip

4. Zynga

5. GSN: Games

6. Playtika

7. Big Fish Games

8. Gogii Games

9. GameHouse

10 Best Websites for Puzzle Games

Puzzle games are a great way to pass the time. There are so many options for puzzle games on the internet, and you can find the perfect one for your interests. Here are 10 of our favorite puzzle games websites:

1. Free Cell

Free Cell is one of the most popular sites that offers addictive, challenging puzzle games. This game will have you thinking outside the box. It’s also a fun game to play when you need a break from your normal routine.

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2. Crosswords Ltd

Crosswords Ltd is another site that offers addictive, challenging puzzles in numerous categories such as word search, crossword, and more! It’s also a fun website to visit when you need a break from your daily life routine.

3. Jumble Words

Jumble Words is yet another site that offers addicting puzzles for hours on end! It features six addictive categories including crossword and word search, so there is something for everyone! If you don’t want to spend too much time searching for an entertaining website just like this one, this site is perfect for you!

4. Sudoku-Online

Sudoku-Online offers hundreds of classic and new Sudoku puzzles that are different from other sites because it has been specifically designed for people who want to play classic or original Sudoku puzzles online with friends or solo players. The site also allows its players access to free hints which makes it easier than ever to complete this brain-teasing

10 Best Websites for Strategy Games

The first website on our list is Friv.com. With over 1000 games to choose from, you’re guaranteed to find an addicting game that will keep you entertained while you’re online. You can play these games on your phone or tablet and there’s no download necessary, making this website perfect for those who are always on the go.

Another good website for strategy games is AddictingGames.com. This website has some of the most popular strategy games out there, including games like Chess Titans and Kingdom Rush: Frontiers. With a huge range of addicting games, AddictingGames is perfect for someone looking for a quick pastime during their spare time.

A third website we recommend is GamesRadar+. If you’re looking for some more interactive strategy games, try this site first as they offer plenty of them with add-ons that make it even more fun and exciting to play! The best part about playing these types of strategy games online is that when you finish one game, you don’t have to start all over again in order to continue playing; just log back into the site and start-up another game without any hassle!


Just because you are on the go, doesn’t mean you have to be bored. Whether you’re looking for a quick, fun, and one-time-use escape or a complex, long-term challenge, there are plenty of addicting games to play online. So, find your favorite game and head on over to these websites for some offline fun