15 Tips on How to Make an Addicting Game

addicting games
addicting games

15 Tips on How to Make an Addicting Game

There are a lot of addicting games out there, but very few are actually addicting. When you’re trying to create an addicting game, there are some important factors that you need to take into consideration.

First off, what makes a game addicting? A few things could be the thrill of the competition, unlocking secrets found in the game, and uncovering new strategies for victory. Another factor that can make or break an addicting game is the storyline. A good storyline can keep players coming back for more. Other things that contribute to an addicting game include captivating graphics and animations, a catchy soundtrack, and interactive levels to make your gameplay experience that much more fun.

This blog contains tips on how to make an addicting game from 15 different experts in the gaming industry in order to provide insight for beginners! This guide will also help you learn about some of the things you should consider when designing your own addictive game.

What makes a game addicting?

Different factors make games addicting, but one of the most important is the storyline. When you’re trying to create a game with a good storyline, you’ll want to take into consideration some of the following things:

* What are your characters about?

* Who are your players?

* What’s at stake in the game?

* How will your players react when they win or lose?

* How will your game be different from others out there?

The more these questions can be answered, the more likely it is that you’ll have an addictive game!

Captivating Graphics and Animations

Graphics and animations are the first things that people see when they start playing a game, so it is important to make them as attractive as possible. If your game looks poorly designed or not visually appealing, players might be turned off of the whole experience.

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On the other hand, if your graphics are fantastic and you have beautiful animations for every area of your game, then players might feel more engaged in what they’re doing. Eye-catching visuals can help players enjoy the game even more.

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The Story Line

One of the most important elements of a game is the story. In order to captivate your audience, you need to keep them hooked with a solid and engaging storyline. To make your storyline unique, try adding twists that will surprise your players.

Second, stick to a simple but addictive concept. If you’re trying to create an addicting game, it’s best if you don’t focus on anything too complicated or overwhelming for your audience. For instance, if you wanted to create an addicting card game, then you might consider making the gameplay easy for beginners and hard for more experienced players by introducing new cards with different abilities as players advance in level.

Thirdly, take care of your player’s needs through rewards! This includes enticing challenges that are more complex and rewarding than they appear. It also includes familiarizing your player with what they should expect in the game which can be done through tutorials or by giving out hints as they go along.

Interactive Levels

The main factor in an addictive game is the gameplay experience that players have. To make a game that people want to play over and over again, it’s important to provide them with fun gameplay systems that make the overall experience exciting. One way you can do this is by providing interactive levels.

-Interactive levels should be just challenging enough to give the player a sense of accomplishment, but not too challenging that they become frustrated and stop playing.

-Try adding mini-games or other features in your levels to keep your players entertained and coming back for more!

-Keep your levels fresh and new by experimenting with different graphics, animations, music, or audio tracks!

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Customizable Characters

One way to make a game addicting is by having customizable characters. This can be achieved with the use of unlockable items and skills that players can unlock. Having different levels of customization is also an important factor in making a game addicting. There are two things that you should consider when designing these types of options for your game. First, you should design your levels so as to keep them balanced for everyone playing. Secondly, you should make sure that the items and skills have different levels of difficulty depending on the player’s skill level.

Customizable Gameplay

One of the most important factors to make a game addicting is the player’s ability to modify their gameplay. A lot of games have this ability, but not many take it to the level that some games do. Some examples of customizable gameplay include; The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, and Shadow Fight 2.

Another factor for customization in a game is how customizable levels are. Some games may require players to finish a certain number of levels before unlocking a new feature or level that can be customized by the player. Games like Super Mario Odyssey and Animal Crossing 3DS let players roll back time over 4 days so that they can try out all different kinds of levels.


As games become more and more interactive, it is becoming more difficult for companies to keep their players engaged for long periods of time addicting games. This means that game developers are constantly looking for ways to make their games stand out from the rest.

A great way for game developers to make their games stand out is by making them addicting. Here are a few tips that will help you on your way to an addicting game.

First, make sure your game has captivating graphics and animations. Second, make sure the storyline is something that keeps players interested. Finally, make sure the gameplay is customizable and different every time you play.