AirPod Buying Guide New In 2021 Best AirPods

AirPod Buying Guide New In 2021 Best AirPods
AirPod Buying Guide New In 2021 Best AirPods

Introduction Of AirPod Buying Guide New In 2021 Best AirPods

AirPod Buying Guide New In 2021 Best AirPods. The airpord models that apple is selling out right now and kind of make an airpod buying guide the same thing we’ve done with phones and all these other ones and apple sells three different airpods brand new that you can go pick up right now so those are the airpods second generation.

What should I look for when buying an AirPod

The airport third generation and the airpod pros so there are some pretty big differences between these now the price tag is pretty interesting so with the airpods second generation these are starting at 129 they pretty much don’t have a wireless charging case they don’t have a lot of crazy things but they get the job done and I’m okay with.

It now with the airpods third-generation those are 50 more so those are 179 dollars so again a little bit of a price increase but it depends I mean it may not be a pretty it may not be a crazy big deal to you but you are getting a lot more capability from those than the airpods second generation now with the airpods pros.

AirPod Buying Guide New In 2021 Best AirPods
AirPod Buying Guide New In 2021 Best AirPods

These are I guess the maxed out models the best of the best and these are 249 dollars so there’s a lot of pros and cons for all these specific airpods and I’ll leave all these linked down in the description below too so you can get that from there and help support the channel at the same time now here’s the thing with the cheapest airpods right you kind of are missing out on a lot of different things.

How do I choose the right size AirPod?

So you have the h1 chip inside which makes it a lot easier to pair and connect to all these other devices you have series support you have five hours of listening time on the airpods twos which are cool you have automatic switching and you have the ability to connect it to a ton of other products that Apple sells Ipads phones apple watches even like.

You can connect this thing to a ton of other devices and I will say for you know if you’re somebody who just plans on just listening to headphones and you don’t care about all the crazy features you don’t care about wireless charging and you don’t need like noise cancellation or spatial audio or anything like that or you don’t even know what those things are then definitely.

The airpods second generations are the better way to go in my opinion i think that’s the only thing that makes sense they are 129 which is actually pretty cheap for these airpods so i do think if you’re somebody who just needs to kind of just get these airpods and move on well definitely the second gen airpods are the better way to go but you can also pick up.

What to do when first buying AirPods?

A wireless charging case as well for i think like 50 more or something and that does kind of add the wireless charging capability to your existing airpods even if you have the airpods ones you can get that wireless charging case and pretty much add that capability but the other thing to keep in mind with these is actually when you go up to the airpods third generation for 50 dollars more you are gaining some cooler features so.

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The first thing i want to say is that me personally these air pods 3s do not fit right in my ear so if your ear holes are very small i know this is kind of like tmi but if your ear holes are very small you’re going to have a hard time with these 3rd gen airpods so definitely keep that in mind i want to get that out of the way first but if you’re okay with it and like airpods pros fit finding your ear and everything then

These airpods threes are going to be perfect for you so with these ones you pretty much get all the same exact features as the airpods 2s but you do get an additional hour of battery life which is great you get sweat and water resistance which is really awesome but you also get spatial audio with dynamic head tracking so that essentially makes your.

Does Airpod noise cancel?

Whole entire experience when you’re using these headphones if the specific apps and the audio that you have you know actually support it it makes you feel like you’re in the middle of you know this like audio thing it’s so cool i am a humongous fan of it and i’m super happy apple actually went ahead and put it in this specific device.

So for 50 more you’re really getting those two main features sweat and water resistance and spatial audio but you also get an additional hour battery life which i’m actually really happy about but another big thing is that the case itself now supports wireless charging and magsafe charging as well so mac safe charging is that new apple charger they put out.


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I’m not a fan of it but you know gets the job done and i do i like wireless charging so this is another cool feature of it but with the airpods pros and this is where things start kind of switching up a little bit these ones are pretty much those you know most impressive craziest specific app craziest specific airpods you can go and pick up so they have the same exact features as the airpods 3s but.

Are Airpod worth it?

They also have transparency mode and active noise cancellation so active noise cancellation pretty much just kind of stops the noise around you and i love it you know i use it sometimes to go to sleep and it really just you know blurs out a lot of the noise around you so if you have a lot of noise around you putting these things in your ears are just ways to block it all out.

Which is so nice but transparency mode is a way to actually hear everything around you while you have noise cancellation on so because these things are so good you know when you actually have them in your ear you can’t hear anything around you well maybe there are some times where you actually want to hear things around you well in that.

Case you can just turn on transparency mode and you can pretty much move on from there so with those two things you know it kind of justifies the additional price jump me personally though if airpods threes fit in my ear i think those are the ones i would probably end up getting but these airpods pros if you have the money they’re definitely the best airpods you can pick up but.

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Does AirPods pro fit small ears?

There is kind of a disadvantage with the airpods pros and that’s actually with the battery life these things have the worst battery life coming from any of the other airpods so if that is something crazy to you then you’re going to have to remember that these things support wireless charging and magsafe charging as well so you can always use the magsafe charger that.

They have so that is another thing to keep in mind as well i think it definitely when it comes down to it the airpods pros are the best airpods apple makes they have so much capability and like i mentioned i am a huge fan of them but if you’re somebody who just doesn’t want to spend too much money i think the airpods second generation are also very good options as well.

I mean they can do pretty much everything that you’d ever want them to do i personally used airpods twos for many many years well i’ve used the original airpods for many years and the second generation kind of the same thing and i didn’t feel like i was missing out on anything i didn’t feel like oh my god like i need to have this next feature i really didn’t get.

How do I test both AirPods?

That vibe from it so if you are kind of falling into that same ballpark where you feel like these airpods you know you just kind of want something to fit into your ear you plan on working out every single once in a while but you don’t really plan on doing anything crazy i think the airpods twos are the better way to go but you do keep in mind that.

AirPod Buying Guide New In 2021 Best AirPods

The base model doesn’t have wireless charging on the case or anything and if you plan on buying airpods twos and a wireless charging case you’re probably going to be around the same price tag as the airpods 3s so in that sense i would probably just recommend buying the airpods threes in that case just because they’re just so similar in price tag i mean there’s like i don’t know how much it was but there’s a very minor difference between them so you might as well pick up the airpods threes in that specific situation.

Why can I still hear with noise Cancelling AirPods?

You’re getting that sweat and water resistance and you’re getting that spatial audio which is really awesome but on top of that another massive thing with these airpods is the fact that you can go ahead and go up to the airpods pros which do have the most amount of capability and you have those ear tips that you can go ahead and put in your ears as well so although.

It’s not like a perfect thing it’s not like you know everything is perfect with these you are still getting a much better experience overall on the airpods pros with all those extra features than the airpods third generation that doesn’t mean the third gen airpods are you know the perfect ones and they have everything going for them but i do think when you get the airpods pros you are going to be setting yourself up for a perfect situation in my opinion and they’re probably going to have a really good experience there may be airpods pros 2 coming out soon.