AirPods 3 Vs EarPods Comparison Plus Review

AirPods 3 Vs EarPods Comparison Plus Review
AirPods 3 Vs EarPods Comparison Plus Review

Introduction Of AirPods 3 Vs EarPods Comparison Plus Review

AirPods 3 Vs EarPods Comparison Plus Review. Airpods 3’s just came out and most of you may know but earpods are the headphones that used to come inside of apple’s cases some of them had you know the little audio jack at the end but also some of them had the lightning port at the end of them too so let’s go and kind of compare these two see.

Are AirPods better than EarPods?

Which ones you should go and pick up now obviously if you have the money I think getting the airpods threes are the better way to go these things have a lot of capability I’m a huge fan of these but there is a slight problem that I’ve already made a video about that just doesn’t fit right these just don’t fit right in my ear I’m not a fan of it I like the capability behind.

These but the fact they don’t fit in my ear is a huge problem now with the air pods or earpods these things fit perfectly in my ear which is crazy because these things are so much cheaper than airpods I mean yeah they are outdated because they have you know the wire and you have to plug it into the end of your iphone like this but.

AirPods 3 Vs EarPods Comparison Plus Review

There are still some reasons why I love earpods and I use them all of the time over even my airpods I own all the airpods that ever came out and I think I use earpods more than airpods which is so crazy now the main reason for this is probably because of battery life and connectivity issues so with air pods some of you may know.

Are the AirPods 3 worth it?

This you may not know this I run a second channel too which is just full of how-to tutorials and a lot of those tutorials that do well are airpod tutorials like things like why the airpods aren’t connecting this and that and that is a pretty big issue that I used to deal with that I still deal with and with earpods I’ve never had any connectivity issues.

I’ve also never had any battery issues because these things don’t have batteries inside of them so because of that you’re almost guaranteed not a better experience you’re guaranteed I think a smoother experience on the airpods even though they don’t have enough features they don’t have you know crazy features or anything I’ve always just been able to pick.

These things up plug them in and move on with my life with airpods it’s like sometimes they work you have to connect them sometimes they disconnect and then your music plays out loud randomly it’s so crazy I’ve had lots of issues with my airpods throughout the years earpods it’s never really been the case and I’m a humongous fan of them but.

How will AirPods 3 be different?

They’re not perfect I don’t like the wire too much if you’re planning on working out a lot and you’re planning on you know going on bike rides and stuff if you’re running I mean you can always tuck these under your shirt which is nice but if you’re running and everything sometimes your hand will get caught in the headphones and rip them out of your ears and the durability of these things hasn’t been super crazy, to be honest.

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These wires can snap very easily and even the head earpods themselves if they’re intact there is so much room for just so many things to go wrong that I’m just not a huge fan of either I mean you can tear these up in like two seconds if I wanted to air pods I think are more durable and a huge advantage of airpods is the waterproofness so within the airpods.


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I don’t know if the case is waterproof but you do end up having a waterproof kind of device which makes it a little bit easier to kind of maneuver with if you’re planning on going swimming which I don’t think you should swim with your earpods in but if you’re planning on doing some super intensive tasks like that getting airpods like.

Are AirPods 3 noise Cancelling?

This will probably end up being a better experience I think in my opinion so if you want something a little more durable and pick up something like airpods threes are the better way to go but on top of that you do have things like spatial audio that is a big feature with these air pods, in my opinion, I like spatial audio I like active noise cancellation more and these don’t have it.

But you know the fact that these things have special audio is cool they also have a little button on the side right here which you can configure to do different things so these things also support better base quality too which is also really really cool and I’m a huge fan of that and the stems are much smaller and they are way more portable to use although.

They have the case here it’s not like you have to have the case with you at all times as long as your AirPods are charged you can pretty much just go grab the case and just put that earpods in your ear and then move on from there but the thing with the airpods is that they lack a ton of features these things pretty much don’t have many features at all the sound quality isn’t.

Why is AirPods so expensive?

That bad though the bass hasn’t been super horrible the bass on the airpods threes are going to be better but the other thing with these ear pods is that at the edge right here we do have a little system that controls little area so we have the plus and minus button we can easily go and increase and decrease the volume very very easily.

We can still do this on our airpods but you do kind of have to shimmy them around a little bit click the button all that stuff with these you click the plus and minus and you pretty much move on from there but you can also click on the button right here to pretty much toggle Siri you can go ahead and do a lot of other things too with this button in the middle so.

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AirPods 3 Vs EarPods Comparison Plus Review

I say that to say because these things pretty much feel and run the same way as that button on the airpods and, I think this button is better because you can easily go and increase them and decrease the volume like this you can also silence phone calls and stuff by clicking this button I’m a huge fan of these earpods just because of that and on some of you also have this little thing right here.

Is it worth buying the AirPods 2?

So you can go and attach this wire too but like I mentioned I’m not a huge fan of the wire these things just take up so much space and like I said they’re just really easy to go ahead I mean you can see it right here they’re just so easy to kind of just moving around and you can just you know if I just went like this like twice if I pulled hard enough I could easily break it up broken tons of these throughout.

The way and to be honest even if you don’t break it the other thing to keep in mind is that just by moving your air just by moving the wire-like this every single day you know plugging it in plugging it out not only are you wearing down your iphone charger like your charging port you’re wearing down these earpods but you’re also wearing down the wire every.

So often little by little you’re gonna go like this and one day just like the iphone chargers they’re just gonna start tearing around here and they’re going to not necessarily tear up here but these things like I mentioned they’re just much easier to break and because of that but there’s also a lot of issues with airpods as well.

How do you tell if you have AirPods 1 or 2?

I mean these things aren’t perfect and they have a lot of problems too I mean I’ve never seen like a perfect set of airpods and with something like these you know with ear pods i feel like they’re more stable you know if i was going on a long trip somewhere like a long road trip i would probably pick up earpods even though i own airpods and like I mentioned.

The main reason for that is because they’re just so much easier to connect to my device and i don’t have to worry about battery life i’m missing out on things like spatial audio and i guess like the i got maybe better microphone and wireless charging case and all that stuff and maybe looking cool but i just prefer the stability of ear pods i i just use these all the time and because of that i just kind of think ear pods may be the better way to go for a majority of you out there i just think if you’re just if you if you already have them these are solid but like I mentioned if you’re cool with airpods.