Apple Watch Series 7 | Apple Watch Series In 2021

Apple Watch Series 7 | Apple Watch Series In 2021
Apple Watch Series 7 | Apple Watch Series In 2021

Introduction Of Apple Watch Series 7 | Apple Watch Series In 2021

Apple Watch Series 7 | Apple Watch Series In 2021. The new apple watch that came out today the series seven from apple we will unbox the watch I got the solo loop in a specific size so I hope it fits my wrist we’ll see that in just a second I’ll show off the different color combo that I did get and also pair it up to my iphone.

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I also want to talk about the differences between the series six and series seven because there are only a few differences so it might make you consider buying a six over a seven but we’ll see let’s get into the unboxing here is the new apple watch series seven I did get the green aluminum case 45 millimeters and the starlight solo loop.

I got a size eight so we’ll see if that actually will fit opening the packaging up there is a couple of boxes inside always some nice style to apple packaging here is the watch face itself let’s open up that band bands are very easy to replace you could take them off put them back on very simply now this is the new starlight color let’s go ahead and pop this on out and like I said I got the solo loop option so.

Apple Watch Series 7 | Apple Watch Series In 2021
Apple Watch Series 7 | Apple Watch Series In 2021

It’s just one size fits me option quick close-up of the band it’s a little darker than I thought the coloring was going to be I thought it would be a little bit more white and this is size eight you see right there and on to the main component of the series seven the watch face it has an uh covering on it that is the color that I got and then let’s see.

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What else we get inside because there are a couple more options first of all designed by Apple in California apple watch no apple stickers just lets you know how to charge and how to get started and a quick close-up of the watch face sliding it out of that protective case there is the bottom with the dial looks very similar overall the screen is going to be a little bit larger and then moving on finally in the box.

We’ve got our charging cable and interestingly enough this is a new cable it uses usb type c interestingly enough but doesn’t include a power brick so you might have to buy a power brick separately if you’ve been using apple watches in the past this new one has an aluminum outside because there’s a fast-charging capability so, in my opinion, a bummer.

That they didn’t include a usb-c fast-charging brick for the series seven because the fast charging is one thing that makes this watch stand out and sending over some accessories for our apple watch series 7. since apple wasn’t kind enough to include.

Is Apple Watch SE worth buying?

A fast-charging brick spigen has a couple of great options for you both of these are the spigen power arc station pro bricks and they have foldable plugs on the outside so they’re great for travel now a couple of differences between the two first of all the smaller one just has a single USB-C port outputting at 20 watts

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So you can take advantage of that fast charging the series 7 has the second option has two usb type-c ports and when you are using both of them they both output at 20 watts as well so you can charge two things at once and if you’re just using one it will output at 30 watts so you can get up to 40 watts of output out of this small brick and also a charger from Spigen.


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This is sort of a stand charger we’ll test that out in just a second this is the power arc field wireless charger so it will charge wirelessly includes that usb type-c and the best part is that it is apple mfi certified so you can get the fast wireless charging out of this wireless charger when you are connected to Spigen’s gan power bricks spoken also includes silicon pads.

What does the SE stand for in Apple Watch?

That you can put in this gap right down here so depending on the size of the watch that you buy it is fully compatible because it will have it sit up a little bit higher a little bit lower depending on the watch face size and as a quick test I have the wireless charger plugged into my spigen wall outlet and charging it is now fast charging and I do like.

How it is sort of a dock so you’ll see depending on the orientation it sits it acts as more of an alarm clock style so this is something I’m going to put on my nightstand or even maybe on my desk while I’m working if I need a quick charge I can have it here and it will show off that time and date and quickly want to make mention.

That it lines up perfectly again with the specific grip that I had used at the bottom and also it has a magnet so you’ll see it’s kind of locked in place there it is not going to just fall off I have to push it off and you’ll see it securely snaps onto the charger and back to our apple watch series seven.

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While it boots up here’s just another quick close-up look at that green color you’ve got your button on the side you have your dial as well some different inscriptions you’ll see series seven up towards the top and on the other side just about nothing and let’s go ahead and connect our band now keep in mind this is the solo loop option so yours might be a little bit different.

But slides on very easily like all other apple watches just it’s cool how easy these bands are to replace and swap out uh putting this on in we are now secure let’s quickly test it on out the solo loop band here and put it on our wrist and fits perfectly so very comfortable there stretches out just a little bit but it’s not too tight now.

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Apple Watch Series 7 | Apple Watch Series In 2021
Apple Watch Series 7 | Apple Watch Series In 2021

I’m going to run through the startup process talk about anything noteworthy now looking at it I can’t tell if I like this combo overall I feel like it might grow on me my first impression was it was just okay however I don’t know to drop a comment let me know what you think about this green starlight combo going on anyways back to the apple watch app set it up for myself and we should be able to scan.

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This face on the watch no there we go your apple watch is now paired very simple process overall let’s continue through and set up our apple watch agree to those after I just read everything so work out route tracking I will enable that watch analytics you can change the size of text add bold text and apple watch passcode.

Which I would like to do like in previous watches the haptics felt good when typing in that passcode accepting everything you can use apple pay with your watch you can get some low and high heart rate notifications emergency SOS for fall detection which is included always-on display which has been on apple watches for a while, however.

I’m a big fan of it I always like to have the time showing even if my wrist is just sitting on a table I want to be able to just check the time install all available apps grid view or list view as an option and there we go it’s syncing on up we are all set up welcome to apple watch update is complete so now in the app you have a group of different options.

You can customize your watch faces you can go through all of your various settings you can go into the apps that you have installed now this is the watch face that came out of the box one that I had used previously it has the green accents you’ll notice here are your rings of activity we don’t have any yet today however I can also quickly go into various shortcuts here is the weather in Chicago.

Now for the sake of the video and just so you can get an idea of what the bezels look like and the larger screen let’s shift the dial color to white and bring it back so now on my wrist you can kind of see how much bigger it looks it kind of has those rounded corners it looks really good overall if we press the other side button.

It gets us to a group of shortcuts to apps so if we wanted to check our maps on accident i didn’t mean to press that or down to heart rate we can run our heart rate let’s do that real quickly so right now it’s at 88 which seems like because i’m talking and creating it’s also pretty hot in this room so a little higher than.

I would expect my resting heart rate to be now aside from the size and the fast charging that i had mentioned the series 7 also has a little bit more durability a little bit more glass and also added an ip6x dust resistance than the series 6.