Apple Watch Series 7 Vs Apple Watch Series 2

Apple Watch Series 7 Vs Apple Watch Series 2
Apple Watch Series 7 Vs Apple Watch Series 2

Introduction Of Apple Watch Series 7 Vs Apple Watch Series 2

Apple Watch Series 7 Vs Apple Watch Series 2. The apple watch series 7 that just came out to the apple watch series 2. now I’ve owned both these watches for a little bit of time this series 7 is not as much as the series 2. and I just came off using the series 2 not too long ago about a year ago I was still using that watch or two years ago whatever and I had a great time using it.

How many versions of Apple Watch are there?

It was awesome it was a huge jump up from my previous apple watch which was the first apple watch ever made and I’m a big fan of it but I will tell you if you have the money going up to the series 7 is a much better choice but a big thing to also keep in mind is that the series 8 may be a bigger upgrade I don’t want to keep delaying an update if you have it.

But it does look like that may be the better one for you possibly I don’t know you personally but that could be something that may be up your alley so so I will let you guys know in a little bit how that goes but first of all start with the outside the apple watch series 2 came out in two different sizes so it came out in a 38-millimeter size and a 42-millimeter size as well.

Apple Watch Series 7 Vs Apple Watch Series 2
Apple Watch Series 7 Vs Apple Watch Series 2

Which was a pretty good size in my opinion luckily for us the series 7 is pretty much in the same footprint as the series 2. so you pretty much have that same body the same bands work on both which is awesome but you had a 41-millimeter option for the series 7 and it does go up to 45 millimeters and the screen difference is pretty large.

What is the order of the Apple Watch series?

The screen on the series 7 kinds of leads to the size or on the series 2 it is pretty much stagnant you know it’s kind of that older design but like I mentioned it doesn’t look bad and I was a fan of it at that time but going to the series 7 there is a pretty big difference for sure now on top of that the display is much better on the series 7 you’re getting an always-on display.

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It looks much better more watch faces the series 2 I mean if you’re just planning on you know using it as a watch and looking at the time and stuff it’s still going to be fine but that series 7 is the way to go there now the same wireless charging pad on both like I mentioned the bands work on both as well but we do have a little bit of a difference with the digital crown now.


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The series 7 has you know blood oxygen levels you can monitor your heart rate a lot better and there are so many other things built-in with just that digital crown itself the series 2 was pretty basic on the capability it had and you had the hard sensor which was cool you can monitor your blood pressure as well but I mean definitely.

Which is better Apple Watch Series 6 or SE?

The series seven is a better way to go there and in a durability since one of the biggest features of the series seven was the durability of that watch you know if you smash it around if you dip it in water it’s going to be perfectly fine with the series 2 as far as I know it is it was pretty durable when I used it they do say it’s kind of water-resistant but.

That series 7 is going to be the better way to go in that sense so in terms of the outside the series 7 by far is the better way to go but on top of that, we are seeing a little bit of a difference when it comes down to pretty much everything else about these watches and the biggest thing is that the apple watch series 2 is not getting any more updates.

That thing is pretty much outdated as of right now you can still probably pick this thing up and you know still feel like you have a pretty good watch but you’re going to be pretty much outdated it’s not getting any more watch os updates I don’t think I got watch os 8 so you are pretty much outdated the apple watch series 7 is just getting started so.

Can you FaceTime with an Apple watch?

That is a big massive thing to keep in mind when you pick up a watch like an apple watch series 7 you’re going to be set forever so again that is one of the biggest things in my opinion and I would probably recommend you you know if you’re going to go ahead and pick up something like an apple watch series 2 you’re pretty much outdated.

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I wouldn’t recommend you doing it the series 7 is definitely the better way to go in that sense now on top of that the performance segment is also pretty much different between these two so the apple watch series 2 had an s2 chip inside of it which was a pretty big jump from the series zero that I had which is pretty crazy but with the apple watch series 7.

Apple Watch Series 7 Vs Apple Watch Series 2

You are getting that s7 chip inside which automatically makes it so much of a better watch in my opinion I mean you’re getting so many different features it’s not even funny it’s much faster a lot more apps are supported with this and it does actually have a decent sized keyboard that you can use with it now and you get that always-on display and all those other improvements.

Is Apple Watch SE worth buying?

That came with every single other apple watch you now get it within the series 7 which is amazing so in my opinion, the performance segment is just one extra feature that the series seven has on top of so many other things over the series too including dustproof the most crack-resistant front glass cellular connection abilities GPS a louder speaker way more storage built-in and faster charge times and it’s a much faster device than the apple watch series 2. so.

What I will tell you is is that if you currently own a series 2 I still think it’s a decent watch that has some value inside of it but the biggest problem is is that it’s pretty much outdated and if you’re somebody who wants to kind of monitor more things within your health and gets more accurate you know measurements the apple watch series 7 may be the better way for you to go.

There’s a lot of features built in that even i forgot that came with every iteration after the watch including the series 3 4 5 sc and series 6. and now with the series 7 it just makes sense for me to recommend you to update i think the series 2 had its time and had its place but the series 7 is definitely the better way to go i would recommend you highly to pick it up and pretty much go from there so in terms of that this is my full comparison between these two.