BEST QUALITY SMARTWATCH PRICE 2021 – BEST SMARTWATCHES 2021. There are many smartwatches on the market with various designs, functionalities, and prices, but if we stop to think at the end of the story, the important thing is that they are practical and functional in terms of health and sports that have the basics to monitor what happens.

What Smartwatches are coming out in 2021?

We started with the quality/price king if you are looking for a smartwatch with a large screen to play sports it is the Huawei watch fit a watch that like your The name indicates it, it is perfect for health and sports and by the way of course to wear at all times since it has an attractive design with a screen.

A rectangular that the organism and sobriety for many an elongated pool to go into details we have a plastic case with a metal finish that looks very good, it has an interchangeable silicone strap and a very striking 164-inch AMOLED screen with 2.5 glass of the which occupies 70% of the front so it is a very striking section in this watch because.


It steals the eyes due to its good colors, brightness, and contrast in terms of its main characteristics, that is to say, that we are not facing a device to respond to notifications or perform calls since the first thing we can only review and in the second we do not have speakers or microphone but if we have a watch for everything else, health, sport and autonomy in particular.

Which smartwatch is the


best value for money?

We have GPS more than 200 faces heart rate meter a sleep oxygen meter menstrual cycle stress estimation more than 100 training modes 12 exercise routines and even 44 days of animated exercise, all with water resistance of up to 5 atmospheres and a generous autonomy of up to 10 days so you don’t have to worry about charging it so you know.

If you want a value-for-money watch to do sports and keep abreast of the essentials in your mobile this is a great choice and we move on to a somewhat more complete alternative by paying a little more for the Hamas fit gts 2 a watch that will surely remind you of the Applewhite for its very similar design with the difference that it is much cheaper and provides more autonomy Specifically.

Xiaomi Imilab W12 Smartwatch | New 2021 Watch

We have a rectangular aluminum case with a silicone strap giving it a very well achieved appearance that without being premium comes in handy for all types of occasions since it is beautifully light and adapts to all types of wrists with different spheres and a multitude of straps 20 millimeters, so we must add its beautiful screen with fairly thin and symmetrical bezels and a 135-inch panel with AMOLED technology.

What is the best smartwatch brand?

That gives a The feeling of everything so we have vivid colors great contrast and above all a brightness that gives the fight even on the sunniest days being better than other much more expensive alternatives regarding the interface and performance everything moves smoothly in a system very intuitive with an excellent touch response of the screen and although applications cannot be installed so.

We can look at the notifications answer calls thanks to the microphone if the speakers and control the music so it comes with the essentials to improve productivity another highlight is that it comes with nfc wifi GPS heart rate meter blood oxygen meter water resistance up to 50 meters a generous autonomy up to a week and multiple sports modes.

If you want to train with it in short if you want something economical with good autonomy without sacrifice design lightness functionalities and others you have to go for this beauty it is worth a lot It’s a shame and we leave the designs with rectangular screens to go for the alternatives like a traditional round watch, in this case.

Is the smartwatch a good investment?

We have the one plus watts, a very interesting bet if what you are looking for is something sophisticated and practical minimalist precisely the design is one of its most careful characteristics such as a stainless steel dial that gives it a great premium finish and a flower strap is the tomé that feels comfortable and versatile perfect for sports and going out and weighing to be a very light watch if.

We compare it with the competition it is very robust elegant and it convinces a lot on the wrist, in addition to that we have a 139-inch AMOLED screen with sapphire crystal that provides a high level in terms of brightness, sharpness, and colors so in this section there is simply nothing to ask about its interface the operating system.

It is very fluid, efficient, and fully customizable to configure it to our liking, yes, applications are not allowed s third-party or payment although it has nfc another point to mention is that this watch is only compatible with android phones at least for the moment concerning other features they come with a speaker and microphone to make and answer calls.


Is it worth having a smartwatch?

We have 4 gb of space to store music requesting the ability to respond to notifications with predefined responses and about health and sport comes with heart rate measurement of stress oxygen sleep tracking s more than 100 sports water resistance is 68 and most importantly an autonomy of up to two weeks which gives it a brutal plus.

If what you want is to go on vacation without worrying about charging it in short it is located in something sophisticated, elegant, and minimalist with a phenomenal screen and scandal autonomy this one plus watts you must take into account and we go on to a series of watches that I could not leave out and is that although.

The Huawei quad 3 was already presented, their price is e Levado and now is the best time to buy a watch from the gp2 series, be it the normal model, the gt2 or the gt2 pro, precisely the latter is the most recommended and it could not be otherwise since it has everything from an alloy body From titanium and a ceramic and sapphire crystal dial to a subway or leather tale club strap.

Is there a new Samsung watch coming out in 2021?

It is premium elegant and versatile to the point of being ideal for all kinds of occasions. decent brightness, pure blacks, and good colors in general in terms of its interface and functions, that is to say, that it is a watch with a very clean and fluid system, it presents the app and that it has all the essentials for a good user experience, yes, just like its Brothers.

It is possible to install third-party applications and we will have to settle for what comes from the factory, although in the experience almost nothing is missed since it comes with a lot of people variety of dials always-on mode speaker and microphone to respond and listen to music with 4gb storage and a good arsenal of features for health and sports.

We talk about GPS measurement of heart rate and blood oxygen more we say sports automatic detection of training and many more things since despite its elegant design it is very sporty in terms of functionalities to that is added the cherry on the cake its great strength and that is that it can offer up to two weeks of autonomy.