Dem Governor Will Start Transporting Illegal Immigrants

Dem Governor Will Start Transporting Illegal Immigrants To New York City, Mayor Says

Democratic New York City Mayor Eric Adams stated on Tuesday that Democratic Colorado Governor Jared Polis intended to bring undocumented residents to New York City.

According to Politico, Adams’ office said that they were made aware of the intentions Monday night. The alleged intentions coincide with a spike in illegal immigration along the southern border when federal officials faced a record-breaking 2.3 million migrants in the fiscal year 2022.

In an effort to deliver illegal immigrants to their intended destinations, Polis’ staff informed Politico that they had been transporting illegal immigrants out of the state for weeks. Due to the recent cold weather, there was a backlog of people seeking to board the transports.

As per Politico, the backlog has already been cleared.

Adams stated in a radio broadcast, “We were informed yesterday that the governor of Colorado is now declaring that they are going to be transferring migrants to locations like New York and Chicago. It is just unfair that local governments must shoulder this national responsibility.
Greg Abbott, the governor of Texas, bused migrants from Angola to the nation’s capital, where they arrived. Daily Caller News Foundation/Jennie Taer Polis’ intentions are in line with those of Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott, who has been busing illegal immigrants to major cities including New York, Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, and Chicago for months. For months, Arizona’s former Republican governor Doug Ducey bused hundreds of illegal immigrants to the capitol.

Later, Democratic El Paso Mayor Oscar Leeser followed suit by transporting illegal immigrants to New York City by bus.

According to Adams, around 30,000 illegal immigrants have entered New York City overall since the spring, according to Politico.

Adams added, according to Politico, “No city should have to decide whether they’re going to provide for its inhabitants — particularly coming out of Covid — or if they’re going to deal with a flood of migrants and asylum seekers.”