Donald Trump Jr. Turns on MAGA 'Disaster

Donald Trump Jr. Turns on MAGA ‘Disaster

On Tuesday, Donald Trump Jr. expressed his support for Republican Kevin McCarthy of California being speaker of the House and referred to the MAGA movement against McCarthy as a “disaster.”
In response to a tweet from journalist Jake Sherman, the oldest son of former president Donald Trump, tweeted on Twitter regarding the speaker vote. The co-founder of Punchbowl News, Sherman, first wrote about how some of the more conservative members of Congress intended to prevent McCarthy from becoming a speaker.

Republican Representatives Matt Gaetz of Florida, Lauren Boebert of Colorado, and Scott Perry of Pennsylvania reportedly stated they “don’t mind” if McCarthy lost the speakership to Democratic Representative Hakeem Jeffries of New York, according to Sherman. According to Sherman, the Republican members, who had previously sided with Trump Sr. and his MAGA campaign, said that “they needed their OWN legal organization in the House to pursue litigation.”

Trump Jr. wrote, “I’m not good with tossing House Leadership to Dems & Never Trumpers. We all want House leadership to be as conservative as possible.

“No Republican voted in November to be okay with Hakeem Jeffries being Speaker just out of anger for McCarthy. Disaster.”

Trump Jr. also posted on his father’s Truth Social platform about the GOP opposition to McCarthy.

“hearing that the Speaker may be a Democrat or Never-Trumper. McCarthy promised to testify before a Select Committee about the politicization of federal law enforcement and actual investigations into the Biden Administration and the border. But if a Never-Trumper is the Speaker, none of it will happen!”

Despite Trump’s remarks, McCarthy was not elected speaker of the House on Tuesday’s first and second ballots. In each roll-call vote, 19 Republicans cast their ballots against him.

Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia, who is seen by many as being more conservative than McCarthy, backed McCarthy prior to the vote. Greene attacked McCarthy’s opponents after the California lawmaker failed to persuade more Republicans at a meeting before to the vote on Tuesday.

After the meeting, Greene named Gaetz and Boebert when venting her annoyances to journalists.

Gaetz, who had earlier praised a compromise on the GOP rules package as “exquisite,” was blasted by the speaker for opposing McCarthy. In addition, Greene criticised Boebert for supporting McCarthy after receiving funding from him for her reelection campaign in the elections.

McCarthy garnered 203 votes on both ballots, while the entire Democratic caucus supported Jeffries, who won 212 votes to McCarthy’s 203. The 218 votes required to elect a speaker were not obtained by any MP.

Jim Jordan of Ohio won all 19 non-McCarthy votes on the second ballot after endorsing McCarthy and urged his party to support the Californian.