Marjorie Taylor Greene 'Committed a Crime,' Trump Ally Claim

Fake and Fraudulent!’ Trump rages after fake quote goes around saying he is dumping McCarthy

On Wednesday, former president Donald Trump used his Truth Social platform to vehemently refute a false press release that claimed he had switched his support for Rep. Byron Donalds over Kevin McCarthy for House Speaker (R-FL).
I have continuously endorsed Byron Donalds for Congress and I feel that I was a major factor in his decision to enter politics in the first place. I have always been in Byron Donalds’ corner. His future is bright as a young guy! Having said all of that, the report and assertion that I supported Byron for Speaker of the House is false and fraudulent. But not now! He will have his day, and it will be a tremendous one.

After several of the defectors cast their votes for Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) the day before, Donalds was presented as a replacement candidate for Speaker today. When Truth Social wasn’t yet in existence, Trump still occasionally utilizes his “Save America” masthead, which was included on the first bogus statement he sent on Twitter.

The false Trump statement said, “I have been watching the vote in the House from the lovely Mar-a-Lago, and I am extremely dissatisfied.” In our conversation last night, Kevin made certain commitments that he hasn’t followed through on. Very sad indeed. Now, a lot of people think Kevin is a part of the issue! Kevin, enough is enough! We appear to require fresh leadership in order to clear the swamp. The time has come for House members to support Byron Donalds, who will undoubtedly further the MAGA agenda. Make it happen!
Following a brief conversation with a reporter last night in which he seemed ambivalent about McCarthy’s Speakership, Trump reiterated his support for McCarthy this morning.

Additionally, it comes as the anti-McCarthy Republican defectors don’t seem to be moved by his pleadings. One of the defectors, Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO), even stated on the House floor that Kevin McCarthy should resign since he lacked the necessary votes.