How to Earn Money Writing Fiction Online?

How to Earn Money Writing Fiction Online

How to Earn Money Writing Fiction Online. Writers earn money writing fiction online all the time. If you have a way with words and know how to tell an interesting story, there are several different ways that you can earn income by putting your talent to use.

You just need some patience and discipline to create the best possible work of art for whatever audience you’re targeting, and you’ll earn money action online in no time.

Many people dream of quitting their day job and earning money writing fiction. The internet has made this possible for many individuals around the world.

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We’ve compiled a list of different ways to earn money writing fiction online, so you can make your dreams come true!

  1. Write for paysites
  2. Contests & Competitions
  3. Sell your work on Amazon, Etsy or iBooks,
  4. Start a blog to earn online through advertising, affiliate marketing, and e-books sales! The opportunities are endless – the only limit is yourself! What are you waiting for?
  5. Join a site like Upwork or Freelancer where you can earn money online by completing small jobs.
  6. Submit your work to literary journals and magazines. So they can be published in print for people around the world to buy! This is one of the best ways to earn money online because it doesn’t cost much at all – but could end up earning you thousands down the road when your story becomes famous (and earns royalties).
  7. Try self-publishing on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, Create Space Independent Publishing Platform, or Smash words. You can earn money writing fiction online without having an agent or publisher thanks to these sites! All three are super easy to use and require little technical know-how. Get started today and write fiction online by selling your e-books!
  8. Earn money fiction online through blogging. One of the best ways to earn money writing fiction online is also one of the easiest thanks to Google Adsense, Amazon Associates, or other affiliate marketing programs. You can earn a lot from these programs – so it’s worth looking into.
  9. Write an e-book and sell it on iBooks Author, Kindle Direct Publishing, or Smash words for people around the world to buy! This is a great way to earn money up to 90% with Smash words). Get started today and see what this exciting world has in store for you! We hope our list of the best ways to earn money writing online has been helpful!
  10. Consider putting together some samples of your best-written works and submitting them to publishers directly if the idea of earning income through self-publishing appeals to you, but only do this if you’re confident that what’s contained inside is worthy enough for publication.
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