How to get paid to write articles?

How to get paid to write articles
How to get paid to write articles

How to get paid to write articles? An article is a piece of writing written for a large audience with its publishing motive in magazines, newspapers, or journals to make some difference for the world.

Below are some ways that you can be paid in writing

Become a copywriter:

Writing is designed for readers to take certain actions. Selling sales, video scripts, even product descriptions – all need to be written by someone. Writing may not appear fundamentally different from other writings, but in practice it is self-discipline. When special copywriting is related to sales, it is roughly called For example, some marketers managed to sell hundreds of training courses just because they have a killer sales page. Words are used well that people who read finally buy products. If you have a great pen and know how to sell it, then a copywriter can save a lot of money. Indeed, the price can be very high.

Be paid to write by becoming a first-plan Kindle author:

Amazon and Kindle, the self-published book market is gigantic and it is much more profitable to make money books on these platforms than by the houses. Classic editions. Unless of course, you are an unrecognized awesome One thing to remember in your quest to make a living off your pen. Remember only to publish and sell on Amazon, you will have to have an entrepreneurial state of mind. To successfully sell your eBook, you must have a corporate vision and target an established market with a proven request for readers. This does not mean that you do not have to follow your passion, just that you have to be ready to validate it first. You must also be persistent and prolific – chances you will have to publish several books before gaining popularity. It does not happen like that overnight. Similarly, you will have to do a lot of sales to make a living.

How to earn money as creative writer?

Write articles for blogs or magazines: blogs or magazine items are another way to make money online. It’s up to you to jump on the right opportunities, hit the right Go see the blogs you like the most and contact the administrator. Give him articles, even free. You have nothing to lose for now. You will just gain experience and certain notoriety. In addition, do not do too free. Pass quickly to paid items. A good piece of advice that I would give you is also to specialize as soon as possible. For example, if you want to write exclusively on weight loss, focus on blogs and magazines related to weight loss. But again, pass quickly to the “paid” mode. Contact magazines and bloggers very quickly and explain your price, simple.

In general, the great secret of this model is to pursue opportunities, whether it is a short article or an independent writing work.

Some platforms to make money

  • FIVERR: Fiverr is one of the best-known pages to provide your services as a freelancer. It has a very large community with huge possibilities, although a few competitions and remuneration somewhat reduced for work (called Gig) (from$ 5).
  • UPWORK: UPWORK is a free platform that allows freelancers and agencies to be linked to companies looking for specialized talents to develop a project. It is an easy-to-use
  • Textbroker: This is one of the best platforms today to make money from texts, stories, and
  • FREELANCER: this is another very interesting website to find and offers all kinds of online writing and writing services. Companies as important as Intel, Microsoft, or Boeing use it, so if you are looking for pages to make reliable writing money, you have to take a
  • is a platform where you can find jobs of all kinds for publishers, writers, and content Although recording is free, you will need to adopt an initial assessment test. Gains will depend greatly on the type of work for which you are hired from which you must subtract the Commission that the website will apply to you for management and intermediation. On the other hand, the minimum payment is located at 50 euros and the only withdrawal method is Paypal.