How To Use Your AirPods 3 Complete Beginners Review In 2021

How To Use Your AirPods 3 Complete Beginners Review In 2021
How To Use Your AirPods 3 Complete Beginners Review In 2021

Introduction Of How To Use Your AirPods 3 Complete Beginners Review In 2021

How To Use Your AirPods 3 Complete Beginners Review In 2021. AirPods 3 just came out so this is a quick tutorial guide on pretty much how to use your brand new airpods now these are fairly easy there’s nothing super crazy there’s no reason for to be 30 minutes long but as long as you have already taken your airpods out of the box.

How do I control my AirPods 3?

You should be in the same situation that I am so first of all taking a look around the airpods these are apple’s wireless headphones super popular as everyone may know now on the bottom we do have the lightning port this is where you’re going to go ahead and plug in your iphone charger iPad charger you know typically if they’re the lightning for the charger.

You’re plugging them in straight down here and then your airpods case will be charging but a new feature within these airpods is MagSafe and wireless charging so previously with the airpods 2 you could buy a wireless charging case but not all of them came with it so if you flip it over to the back.

How To Use Your AirPods 3 Complete Beginners Review In 2021
How To Use Your AirPods 3 Complete Beginners Review In 2021

If you ever wanted to wirelessly charge your you know airpods you can go ahead and place them on mac save for a wireless charger and they will start wirelessly charging so if you don’t want to use a lightning port you can wirelessly charge them which is cool now on top of that on the back you will also see this button now this is a pairing.

How do I use my AirPods?

I’ve made several tutorials in my life on my second channel that requires so many things with this one little button right here so if you ever want to reset your airpods you hold it down and we’ll go ahead and demonstrate that in a second too now this is just a magnetic latch basically holds your airpods case so they don’t just like fall out of nowhere and that’s pretty much it on the outside.

Now you will see that we have this little like a dot in the center it’s essentially a battery level slash pairing reminder so if your battery level ever gets super low it’ll go ahead and remind you if it’s green that means it’s charging or it’s fully charged or close to fully being charged and all that good stuff so now.

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We can go ahead and open up our airpods case so you can grab the little flap right here and go and open them up and you will see your specific airpods like this now within the top those are just you know the little places for your airpods just to not get you to know broken down or anything so this is not even a feature and you will see your airpods right here.

How do I answer a call on AirPods 3?

Now to take your earpods out you can literally grab them like this and go ahead and take them out like this you can go and grab the other one take them out like this as well now your airpods charge via this specific case so there’s no other way to charge your airpods so if you look at the bottom you will actually see the little like connections at the bottom so you have to remember to place your airpods in the right direction because.

If you don’t then they won’t charge properly so just like this if I go ahead and put this right here you will see it’ll charge if I go ahead and try to put it in the other way you can see that it won’t fit in properly you can see it’ll just go all over the place that doesn’t mean that that’s in the wrong connection so you have to go ahead take it out again and put it in the right connection right here and it should snug in like fit.


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You can move it around a little bit it won’t move you can do the same thing with the other one and now they are charging which is beautiful now that’s pretty much it with the airpods case now if we look at the airpods themselves there’s a little bit of a difference now with these airpods versus the other ones so if we look at these airpods.

How do I control the volume on my AirPods?

We now have this little black thing on the back these have a lot of new features built-in which is beautiful and we’ll get into those in a second if you look on the side of your airpods you will now see these cool little buttons so these essentially force touch buttons we can configure them with our iphone and you can do things like you know skip to.

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The next song accept or accept a phone call and so many different things and I’ll show you those in a second now the way the airpods are set up is essentially this is where the sound comes from and this is where the sound comes in so what does that mean well essentially if you’re playing some songs the songs will output from here if you’re ever taking a phone call.

If you’re ever recording a voice memo or whatever your sound will come in through this way so this is where a microphone is housed and so you can go ahead and input your audio through these headphones which is cool so that pretty much covers it up on these headphones now to connect them to your iphone it’s a very easy process you want to make sure your airpods are connected within.

How do you pause AirPods by tapping?

The case themselves just like so and you may see that the front flashlight is blinking so what you can do is you can go ahead and grab your iphone like this and bring it close to your airpods and they will automatically connect for you now if you have an android phone if you bring them close together you’ll see nothing will happen.

How To Use Your AirPods 3 Complete Beginners Review In 2021
How To Use Your AirPods 3 Complete Beginners Review In 2021

Which is totally all you have to do is make your way over to your settings application you want to go under the bluetooth connections you can click pair new device and if you see anything like airpods or something you just want to go and connect to them and they’ll pretty much be connected that way so in this case we’ll just finish it off with our iphone so.

All you have to do now is go and click continue and they will automatically connect and it will literally take one second for them to connect and after that as soon as you see this you’ll see you’ll start kind of being able to configure some things so it says media control whatever you can go and configure it if you want to set up siri you can set it up for this time i’m just not going to do it you can have it you know if you want to announce calls and notifications if you get a phone call or a text announce it on your pods in this case.