Infinix Zero X Pro

Infinix Zero X Pro
Infinix Zero X Pro

Introduction Of Infinix Zero X Pro

Infinix Zero X Pro. Infinix just sent over their new zero x pro excited to check it out the design looks neat very flat a new look to that camera and speaking of that camera it has a 108-megapixel main sensor and also a 60 times zoom capability in this phone on top of that you have mediated helio g95 processor a 120-hertz AMOLED display and more.

What is the processor of infinix Zero X?

So we’re going to unbox the xerox pro take a quick look at what comes inside and of course get some hands-on with the phone after the phone of infinix’s new true wireless earbuds the xc25s those will come later on in the video here is the xerox pro from infinix taking a quick look at some of the features if.

You’re interested first of all telescopic zoom 60 times with optical image stabilization and ultra night vision camera with a moon mode to take pictures of the moon if you’re interested so let’s go ahead and open it on up looks like right away we’re greeted with the device I’m going to set that to the side for now and we’re going to take a quick look.

Infinix Zero X Pro

What else comes in the box first of all you have your booklet of information also join the x club you have a sim ejection tool in there but it does include a case which is always nice when they have extras included for the phone and speaking of extras you get some headphones with a 3.5-millimeter headphone jack so spoiler this phone does have a headphone jack.

What is the price of infinix zero pro?

This is very rare to see and here’s just a quick look at the earbud that comes with it you also get a usb type-a to usb type-c cable for charging with the included charging brick which is 45 watts very fast charging from infinix moving on to what you came to see the xerox pro from infinix taking it out of the plastic let’s go ahead and boot it up for the first time and here is that design.

That I was talking about very flat design no curve to the screen or the back and kind of maybe a bit of a cyclops lens up towards the top with that single lens but also again speaking of extras it looks like they included a screen protector so peel off that top layer and you now have a pre-installed screen protector nice that they included but.

Let’s go ahead and take a closer look at this hardware down at the bottom there it is the 3.5-millimeter headphone jack very rare to see a microphone usb slot for charging one of these speakers and moving along the right side you’ve got your power button volume rockers to take note of that camera bump there is a little bit of one up towards the top.

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What is the latest infinix Zero series?

You’ve got just about nothing on the left side here is that sim card slot and look at the back cool design and look to it how it kind of sparkles in the light depending on how the light hits it and here is a close look at that rear camera system so on the back we’ve got our main 108-megapixel lens which has optical image stabilization.

You have an eight-megapixel ultra right-angle lens and this is a periscope lens at eight megapixels with five times optical zoom and can zoom up to 60x now anyways I’m going to run through the startup process and talk about anything noteworthy let’s set up that in-display fingerprint scanner setting our finger on down gives.


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A bit of a haptic feedback uh vibration feedback let’s just keep lifting and setting down might take a bit generic and display fingerprint scanners take longer to register than uh the more physical ones you’ll see there’s a bit of a light that lights up when I set my thumb down to read it now let’s scan the edges of our finger it’s looking for a specific edge I think there.

Is infinix better than Realme?

We go just keep pressing and we are almost done there we go fingerprint scanned successfully continue to unroll face unlock so that’s an option I’m not going to do that we can add more fingerprints later so you do have android 11 but it has infinix’s Naxos 7.6 skin based on android 11 and we are all set up and ready to go let’s check out uh let’s check out the phone so.

This is a 6.7-inch 1080p display and I can already tell 120 hertz is enabled it looks very smooth running through some of these screens let’s jump into settings to double-check that display and brightness screen refresh rate it is on auto switch right now which will help save battery life however you can 460 hertz or force 120 hertz which I like to do just to make sure.

That it’s very smooth at all times back into settings you have theme and lock screen to customize your phone if you so choose to scroll through there’s a kids mode flax which is smart voice assistant which you can use if you’d like to you also have special functions such as a game mode a smart panel lightning multi-window.

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Is infinix mobiles are good?

So on the app’s main screen swipe up with three fingers to bring it into a screen maybe it doesn’t work with this app let’s try the play store three fingers up you’ve got it worked so let’s start now and look at that so you can bring in a whole nother window just using three fingers and you still have one app open and maybe.

We can go back into settings and you’ll see that the app is on top of it if we tap on it brings it a little bit bigger can still use it or you can close out of it minimize all that good stuff action and gestures such as double tap to wake which I always like to have on three fingers screenshot raise to ear smart screen answer calls so.

Infinix Zero X Pro
Infinix Zero X Pro

A lot of different useful features were added on top of Android 11. now let’s test out that fingerprint scanner to start just set my thumb on down that was very quick let’s do it again now let’s see if with the display off oh with the display off you can just go ahead and you have to set it down the right spot after about a week you get.

Which is best Samsung or Infinix?

That spot is down just about every single time and it does seem to be very quick and accurate overall nice to see jumping into the camera application first of all you have a ton of different features so swipe up for those ar shots slow-motion super moon which is something worth trying out to take pictures of the moon uh however ai cam is the default to take pictures and it will auto-optimize.

You do have short video beauty portrait and super night mode as well for those darker image shots and as promised a quick look at their xc25 wireless earbuds to let’s see what comes in the box pretty simple usb type a to type c charging cable and our infinix charging case, however, the earbuds are actually on the outside so you’ll see you take them on off and then.

They have magnets to connect a pretty interesting and unique design I haven’t seen the ones where the earbuds are exposed you have the usb-c slot for charging via that case and let’s take both of the earbuds out here’s just kind of the slot that you put them in and a quick close-up of the buds you’ll notice an led they do have gesture controls and a look at the inside and some of the microphones on them so this case is 2 000 milliamp hours does have a little bit of weight to it but the magnets seem strong enough.