iPhone 13 Mini One Month Review

iPhone 13 Mini One Month Review
iPhone 13 Mini One Month Review

Introduction Of iPhone 13 Mini One Month Review

iPhone 13 Mini One Month Review. The iphone 13 mini has been out for about a month now so let’s go ahead and compare it or let’s just review it now one month later now this is what I’ll tell you I’ve been using this phone like crazy I’ve been comparing this phone like crazy and since I’ve owned it up until this point I could tell you I think it’s a pretty solid device.

How big is the iPhone 13 mini screen

I think coming from the iphone 12 mini it’s a pretty good upgrade and at that price tag at technically 699 with 729 with it you know unbeing on being unlocked and without a carrier, I think it’s a decent entry point to the iphone 13 lineup and like I mentioned coming from the iphone 12 mini I do think it’s a pretty good device, however.

There are still some ways that I saw that if you have an iphone 12 iphone 11 iphone even an iphone 10r I would probably recommend keeping it I think if you’re coming from an iphone 10 or iphone 8 going to the iphone 13 minis if you love small phones and you don’t want to go up to a different iphone size this is a solid phone it has everything you’d ever want in a smaller device and for my test.

iPhone 13 Mini One Month Review
iPhone 13 Mini One Month Review

It’s a really good device it has a better battery life than the predecessor it has you know better performance and all that you know better cameras but I just think if you already are purchasing an iphone 13 mini if you can go up to an iphone 13 pro I mean that’s kind of like a no-brainer but that phone is like the perfect iphone in my opinion but the 13-minute is still.

Is iPhone 12 mini a failure?

A very decent phone now body-wise you guys already know this 5.4-inch OLED panel the smaller notch wasn’t that big of a deal when I was comparing it to the 12 minis I didn’t see it being that big of a difference, to be honest, and even with the 12 mini-screens, it was pretty good the 13 minis panel is more or less the same.

I didn’t see too big of a difference same lighting part at the bottom body still feels very premium even with that standard glass back even though it doesn’t have that frosted glass back I still think it looks pretty good overall now we have to go ahead and hit on the camera setup I’ll just get it out of the way and this is what I’ll tell you I think this camera is very good I’ve filmed already so many camera comparisons for this thing but.

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We had so many other devices come up that I had to put those on the back burner and after looking at all these different photos and just all these things even from my comparison I did not too long ago I can tell you this is a really good camera if you’re planning on doing you know simple things like Snapchat videos tick-tocks Instagram photos things like that.

Is iPhone 13 mini bigger than SE?

This is going to be a solid phone for sure I don’t think you’re going to be blown away but it’s really what you expect from the latest iphone that ultra-white sensor is also very awesome I love having that extra sensor there so you can zoom out a lot that telephoto lens if it had it would have been nice but I’m still totally with the phone like this with this type of camera 4k 60 on the front and the back.

This is perfect but you also have this new cinematic mode which I think is cool I don’t think it’s a groundbreaking achievement and if you’re never planning on using it then going to the 13 minis is a pretty small upgrade coming from an iphone 12 midi or any other iphone since the iphone 11 to be honest because that’s when we started getting.


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The ultrawide sensors so there isn’t you know big reason to pick up the iphone 13 mini over any other iphone just because the cameras you have the same type of 4k60 on the front of the back as pretty much all the other iPhones or a few iPhones before it so again I think it’s a great camera but I do think you know I wouldn’t pick up this phone just.

What is the RAM of iPhone 13 mini?

Because of the camera if you want the best camera the 13 pro is a better way to go but this is a solid phone for sure if you’re going to be taking a lot of photos and videos having the ability to take cinematic video in portrait mode it’s cool and I do like it a lot so that pretty much covers it up in a camera standpoint now another big thing about.

iPhone 13 Pro One Month Later Honest Review

The 13 mini at least one month later is the couple of updates it’s gotten now it’s not been you know out of this world I wish it did have a couple more updates up until its sleeve but I think it’s okay like I said there’s nothing you can do about it for the most part and I do think with this phone it’s going to be supported for a very long amount of time.

iPhone 13 Mini One Month Review

It’s not like tomorrow this thing is going to be outdated this thing is going to be getting software updates for many many years so whether you get this phone today or you pick it up next year or four years from now chances are it’s probably still going to get software support which is a cool feature on top of that when you get this phone you’re pretty much.

Is iPhone Mini a flop?

You know future proof for a very long time so you don’t have to worry about whether this phone is going to be getting the next software version or whatever or when it’s going to be getting it because all these phones get the same updates at the same time as long as they’re supported and that is something I do like about.

These devices so in terms of the software updates that cover it up here now performance is the one area that I kind of want to hit on and here’s the thing if I’m being completely honest I think the iphone 13 minis is a solid performing phone you know it has that apple a15 bonding chip inside of it four gigabytes of ram it’s really.

It doesn’t need the latest and greatest of the amount of ram or the latest chipset because ios are so optimized for that specific you know apple silicon chip that they put inside of it but here’s the thing this thing does have the latest and greatest chipset and this thing has quite a bit amount of ram inside of it and from my tests from comparing this iphone to tons of other devices and you’ve probably seen the videos if not I’ve compared this thing to pretty much every single iphone before the iphone 12s the 10s the 11s the 6s even and on top of that I’ve even compared this thing to a ton of android phones.