iPhone 13 Pro Max One Month Review

iPhone 13 Pro Max One Month Review
iPhone 13 Pro Max One Month Review

Introduction Of iPhone 13 Pro Max One Month Review

iPhone 13 Pro Max One Month Review. The iphone 13 pro max is an iphone apple just released and what I can tell you is after owning it for a month now there are a lot of highs and there are very few lows with this specific phone and there’s one reason why I won’t be using this specific device and it’s actually.

Has iPhone 13 Pro Max been released

The size everything else about this iphone is pretty much perfect it is that perfect iphone if any of you wanted to go and pick a perfect iphone up this is the one to pick up there are a lot of highs there are very few lows about this specific device and that’s kind of how it’s some of this whole thing it is a thousand and ninety-nine dollars to pick up so.

It’s not a cheap phone but compared to devices like the galaxy s 21 ultra I guess the note 20 ultras not too long ago and even a phone like a oneplus 9 pro this is a solid device and I think it has a lot of capability for the price tag now I also do think that you know I usually don’t say this every year of owning an iphone I do think going from a 12 pro max to a 13 pro max is a pretty decent update now.

iPhone 13 Pro Max One Month Review

I still think if you own a 12 pro max keep it but if you have the money and you’re okay and you want to go and you know to spend the money on 2013 pro max I do think it’s a worthwhile upgrade so starting with the body I mean we already know I don’t want to bore you guys but the panel of this thing is beautiful a 6.7 inch super redneck external panel and 120 hertz.

How many cameras does iPhone 13 Pro Max has?

That is the key of promotion on this specific phone and that does change everything you know with it having that 120 hertz this will pretty much be the starting point of phones before promotion and phones that pretty much have promotion so that is a big deal, in my opinion, I’m glad this phone had it I’m super happy about it and I cannot wait for the next generation of iPhones.

Because there’s only hopefully going to get perfect from here I’ve also compared this iphone to dozens of phones by now I believe and I’ve compared all the panels speed performance all that stuff and this is a very good display on this phone and it is looking much better than the predecessors which are good now on the back we do have a frosted glass back.

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This is perfect that camera setup which we’ll get into in a second and the one thing I want to let you know is that this phone feels like a billion-dollar phone this thing does not feel cheap some phones come and go that don’t feel as premium as you may think this is not one of those phones this device feels like a thousand dollar phone and it by far is one of my favorite things about.

How much GB does the iPhone 13 Pro Max have?

This device too in fact the 11 pro max also feels still like a very expensive phone as well so you can’t go wrong with either one of these but the 13 pro max is a very good phone for sure in the build quality now camera wise I will tell you it’s a really good camera you know triple camera setup three 12 megapixel lenses a wide telephoto and ultra-wide sensor and you also have a 12-megapixel front-facing camera both.

The front and the back has the capability of shooting 4k at 60 so that is a cool thing and I love seeing that type of stuff but a big thing to keep in mind too with these specific sensors is that the predecessor pretty much could do the same thing and even the predecessor could pretty much do the same thing too we do have prores video with these specific phones but.


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I will tell you I don’t think everyone’s going to be using that even me somebody who makes a ton of videos I don’t plan on using it either so you’re pretty much in the minority in that specific sense but another big thing to keep in mind from me comparing the 13 pro max to the 12 pro max and the 13 pro max to the 11 pro maxi couldn’t see too many differences you know even.

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I already filmed so many camera comparisons with these things and even then I couldn’t I mean you could tell some differences but for someone like me who doesn’t use their phone as their prime primary camera I use it just basically for snapchats and tick tocks and instagram videos and stuff like that this is perfectly fine but also my iphone 10 is perfectly fine too so.

I think apple kind of over hypes it up and makes you think that this is the like greatest camera of all time and it probably is the best iphone camera but if this camera was a 10 out of 10 like the iphone 12 pro max is like a 9.9 out of 10. all it’s missing is a cinematic mode, to be honest, and if that’s not a big deal to you then I think.

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This iphone is a really small upgrade in the camera department for sure so I don’t want to spend 15 minutes talking about the camera but this is the best iphone camera of all time but the last generation is also really really good and even the generation before that is still really really good too so in terms of the camera setup that covers it up here now one thing about.

Which is the best iPhone in the world?

The software is pretty much still running ios 15 which is beautiful it’s getting better over time so I don’t want to hit on the instability of the software but I will tell you apple has pushed out a couple of updates through the last you know the month and it’s gotten a little bit more stable which is good I am not too sure if it affected the battery life at all but it is but it has gotten more stable overtime for all the iphone 13s which is great this thing is also going to be supportive for many many years so you can get this thing today.

You can get it tomorrow you can get it next year or a couple of years later and this thing is probably still going to get software support which is a cool thing now I want to move over and talk about the performance real quick but I do want to tell you after comparing this iphone to all the other iPhones this is a faster iphone than all the other ones it’s pretty much on par with phones like.

iPhone 13 Pro Max One Month Review
iPhone 13 Pro Max One Month Review

The galaxy s21 ultra and even like with the pixel 6 pros they were I guess they’re about the same who cares at this point these are all fast performing phones and I just honestly don’t think you’re going to see that big of a difference from a performance jump if you’re just heavily focused on the performance segment right.

How long does its battery last?

If you’re planning on playing like super intensive games and doing a bunch of video editing on your phone and all that stuff then by all means this is going to be the fastest iphone for you that apple a15 bionic chip inside of it is beautiful and that’s six gigs of ram on this machine with you know ios optimizations this is going to be a very good performing iphone and after.

I compared it to all my other iphones that we own this was the fastest iphone of all time i’m pretty sure this is in the 13 pro it’s the smoothest iphone as well so one thing i want to tell you is i don’t even think the performance is worth the money there are other areas of this you know phone that are worth the money the performance is almost the same as the 12 pro max and to be honest.