iPhone 6S Late Review Still You Buy In 2021

iPhone 6S Late Review Still You Buy In 2021
iPhone 6S Late Review Still You Buy In 2021

Introduction Of iPhone 6S Late Review Still You Buy In 2021

iPhone 6S Late Review Still You Buy In 2021. These late 2021 reviews comparisons all that good stuff just reviews this time around and there have been so many devices so many crazinesses that’s pretty much been happening the last you know month or two but we have to rewind it to where we started and let’s go and talk about.

Is iPhone 6S still good in 2021?

The iphone 6s and see how it holds up in the later part of 2021. now so many things about this phone have changed I can’t believe the amount of I guess capability that this phone still has and I will tell you although this phone you know has a purpose I think it brought a lot to the table when it first came out and I do think.

It was one of the biggest upgrades Apple ever put onto an iphone like this I don’t think it’s worth picking up as of this moment I know it’s kind of sad to say I think it you know means a lot and I think there’s some merit to it being the oldest supported iphone but I don’t necessarily think I mean if you have it good for you but I wouldn’t recommend anybody buying.

iPhone 6S Late Review Still You Buy In 2021
iPhone 6S Late Review Still You Buy In 2021

This phone anymore I would recommend at least starting with something like an iphone 7 plus or seven since those things are probably going to get the next version of the software now things that have changed within the last I guess a year of me owning this device we got a new ios version we got new iPhones we even got new pads and MacBooks which is pretty crazy but.

Is iPhone 6S worth buying?

Those two things the new iPhones and new ios versions impact these phones even the iphone 6s because all these phones go down in the used market in terms of prices so earlier this year I think this phone probably cost like 60 dollars to buy in the brand new market you can probably pick this thing up for like fifty dollars at a certain point

These phones stop depreciating price tag you know because they’re still you know good parts they people still want to pick them up and nobody’s gonna sell this one for ten dollars or five dollars because they’re shipping and everything so definitely when it comes down to it you can pick this thing up for fifty dollars so that doesn’t even have that big of an impact on this phone anymore.

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But the software is the biggest change now I’ve been following ios 15 which is the latest and greatest software on this phone every single beta that’s coming out I installed the first beta and pretty much every single beta after that and what I can tell you is is that this phone has a place in apple’s ecosystem but it’s not a smooth performing software right now.

Do people still buy iPhone 6S in 2021?

There are a lot of stability issues there’s a lot of problems and if you have an iphone 6s you can probably agree that you know ios 15 even on ios 15.1 which is the latest version right now still has a lot of issues so with that you know whole thing out of the way I do want to let you know I would still not recommend installing ios 15 on this device.

But even recently ios 14.8.1 just came out for the iphone 6s and that software version is much more stable on the iphone 6s than on ios 15. luckily for me I haven’t had any boot loops no crashes nothing super crazy on my iphone 6s that I had to completely factory reset it on some other iPhones like my 7’s and 7 pluses I had to kind of do that back in the day but luckily ios 15 didn’t you know have.


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That you know capability on my phone which is good and I do think ios 15 has a lot of stuff within it you know it has a lot of cool features and I’m happy about that doing things like you know drag and dropping on an iphone 6s or even doing things you know like so many things that ios 15 brought.

Is the iPhone 6S outdated?

It wasn’t a crazy big update I do think ios 14 was that massive update with widgets and stuff and even that seeing widgets on an iphone 6s is so crazy because an iphone 13 can pretty much do the same thing so it’s very interesting and I love still getting software supports on the same day the iphone 13 pro max gets an update it’s the same day the iphone 6s gets an update as well so I’m happy about that now some other things that pretty much stuck out to me I mean the body everyone knows.

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It’s still the same 4.7-inch panel aluminum frame that feels extremely premium but that design is still kind of relevant because Apple is still selling the iphone se 2 and from the looks of it the iphone se 3 or the iphone se plus whatever they’re going to call it is almost going to be in that same body in that same footprint as well as almost like the 6s.

iPhone 6S Late Review Still You Buy In 2021
iPhone 6S Late Review Still You Buy In 2021

It’s pretty much success with a glass back on it so that’s going to be pretty interesting in a way this design from 2015 that stemmed from 2014 to 2014, yeah that stem from 2014 is still supported and is still kind of going on which is very very interesting so in a way the success is outdated but in another way, it’s not.

How long is iPhone 6s good for?

Now different things like the camera I mean it’s not that great anymore 4k or 30 on the back 720p on the front I think most people know by now that this camera isn’t amazing but it’s still kind of interesting to see the capability that this phone has 4k at 30 on the back is very decent for a 2015 phone this phone is over six years old now and ford is still filming.

That type of resolution is very very interesting to me but that’s not everything I think probably the worst thing about this phone right now is the battery life when compared to any other phone even an iphone se 2 that didn’t even have that good of battery life when it first came out comparing that to the success it’s just really not fair luckily for us.

The repairability of this phone is very high so if you wanted to repair anything on this phone it’s pretty easy to do it you don’t really have to worry about too much stuff and you can easily repair a majority of the things that are wrong with this phone but unluckily for us the max battery size is 17 15 millimeter battery so you can go and repair it if you want to but it’s not a great battery life at you know 100 capacity.