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Is It Possible To Earn Money By Writing Articles? In the age of information and communication technologies, we find enormous new possibilities for earning money. Especially, the boom in ‘Information Technology (IT)’ and social media has enabled people to earn money, working from their homes, using their personal computers alone. Showcasing items, bargaining, hiring transport, selling air tickets, buying and selling of pets and a variety of other types of transactions have been made possible through computers and the internet. Another famous use of IT is an expression of ideas and thoughts. Today, people freely comment on events happening around them, or at far-off places. Opinions are even shaped through organized campaigning on social media. Hence, a wide array of activities involving monitory transactions have been made possible through computers and the internet. And, within all this, writing blogs and articles have also gained significant importance in recent times.

            Earning money by writing articles is not only possible but also quite famous these days. Nevertheless, there are different motives behind doing so. Some people write articles and blogs in order to express themselves, without any desire for money. Such people usually write articles in the “letter to editor” corner. Others prefer “open letters” addressed to the government or some important person, in newspapers, or on social media web pages like Facebook or Twitter. There are yet others, who, though expressing their own view, prefer to put a cost on wider distribution of the same. These are famous column writers in magazines and daily newspapers. Some of these even author books, which are published and sold in markets.

How to get paid to write articles?

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There is another category of writers, who write just to earn money. This category of writers does not necessarily express its own opinion, rather, they express the thoughts of those who hire them. Usually, such people are aloof to the real motive behind the subject over which they are asked to write and mainly focus on the writing itself. Whether it is ethical or not, is another question.

Earning money by writing articles is not undesirable. Every person has the right to find suitable means of earning in order to live respectfully. However, in the new world, when people are connected to each other in real-time, and the world has squeezed into a global village, it is important that all aspects of every action must be understood before undertaking it. After all, a person has his or her responsibility towards beliefs, culture, ideas, and interests of the country he or she lives in. This is even more important when seen in the backdrop of the power of words in influencing the minds of others and effecting changes in the way people think and act. As someone said,

“words are mightier than swords”

            Some people think that art is priceless and should never be considered in terms of money. For them, to earn money by writing articles tantamount to undermining the beauty of words. From a certain angle, this opinion does have water. But in today’s world, almost everything is viewed in terms of its monetary value. Whether a classical painting or a melodious and artistic musical symphony, everything has a price, so why not for the art of ‘writing’.

How to earn money by writing articles?

            Despite so, there are still people who think big. For them, art is still priceless, though it is quite difficult to find such people. These art lovers have in their hearts, great respect and value for any kind of art; a value which cannot be measured in terms of dollars and pounds.

            And just as I conclude, I smile at myself, as I wonder that why am I writing this article.