Lauren Boebert Curses at McCarthy's Last Minute Plea in Tense GOP Meeting

Lauren Boebert Curses at McCarthy’s Last Minute Plea in Tense GOP Meeting

According to multiple sources, Republican Representative Lauren Boebert expressed her disapproval of a late-night statement made by Representative Kevin McCarthy before a scheduled vote on the House speaker on Tuesday.

Midway through Tuesday morning, CNN’s Melanie Zanona tweeted that things were “becoming hot” at a House GOP meeting when McCarthy said that he would no longer participate in discussions while he runs for the position of House Speaker. Both Zanona and Juliegrace Brufke of The Washington Examiner tweeted that Boebert screamed “bulls in reaction to McCarthy’s address, citing a source there.

McCarthy, a Republican from California who served as House minority leader in the previous Democratic-led Congress, has declared his candidature to be speaker of the House in the next 118th Congress, which the GOP narrowly won in the midterm elections last year.

McCarthy was named the Republican candidate for House speaker in November of last year, but he still needs the support of the majority of House members to win the election.

Growing divisions amongst House GOP groups suggest that McCarthy may find it difficult to get the backing he needs on Tuesday.

Boebert was allegedly not the only Republican in the House to use profanity at the emotional discussion on Tuesday. According to Zanona, McCarthy also used the profanity “goddamn it” at one point in his remarks. In his remarks to reporters after the meeting, Boebert seemed to make reference to this instance.

So instead of being sworn in, we are now being cursed at. Additionally, this might have been resolved months ago “Boebert said in a video she shared on Tuesday on her Twitter account. “To unite the Republican Party for the sake of the American people, I have been working every day. We had an agreement with Kevin McCarthy yesterday to get him the gavel on the first ballot, a deal that was in no way self-serving, and he enthusiastically discarded us.”

The Hill reported that several Republicans sent a letter to their colleagues last month outlining a list of requirements they expect the new House speaker to meet, including enabling a single Republican House member to submit a motion to resign and compel a vote that could result in the speaker being removed.

While he has not conceded to all of the requests, he has made some suggestions, such as a regulation that would let a motion to remove the chair get support from five House members rather than just one. However, several GOP opponents of McCarthy still don’t appear to agree with him.

In a tweet on Tuesday, Boebert said, “I worked hard with my conservative colleagues to put up an arrangement that would unite the conference behind Kevin McCarthy. “He turned it down. Right now, I won’t support Kevin McCarthy for Speaker.”