Literally walking over a dead body’: Amazon employees accuse company of mishandling holiday warehouse death

Literally walking over a dead body’: Amazon employees accuse company of mishandling holiday warehouse death

Amazon, a major retailer, is being accused of handling the death of an employee at one of its locations improperly. A guy passed away during the holidays while working at an Amazon warehouse in Colorado. Management allegedly put boxes around his dead and ordered workers to keep working only feet away, according to many trending social media posts.
An Amazon representative flatly denied using boxes to conceal the man’s body in a phone call on Wednesday with the Daily Dot. They said that the location of his death was sealed off for a number of hours.

Rick Jacobs, 61, passed away at a facility in Colorado Springs just before his shift ended on December 27, according to authorities there, who verified this to a nearby CBS affiliate. According to reports, he died from a heart attack.

In recent days, allegations regarding how the institution handled Jacobs’ death have appeared on a number of venues. According to a post made by a supposedly employed person at the business, there were still firetrucks, EMTs, and police there when they reported for work that morning.
We all walked in, clocked in, and started working without understanding why they were there,” it continues. That is when we learned that someone had passed away and was still in the facility from a night shift worker (not from management).

“There were some personnel working who were fewer than 10 feet away from the dead (who was covered,” it reads. How disturbed and enraged I am by Amazon’s disregard for human life cannot even begin to be expressed.

Are you implying that you are unable to close the facility for the duration necessary to complete [an] inquiry following a death? We literally walked over a dead body to bring you more money because that money is so crucial, right?

When the coroner and emergency services were on the premises, Amazon insists that no employees were working anywhere near Jacobs, although it acknowledges that activity went on in other parts of the building.

It took management hours to tell staff of Jacobs’ passing, according to a source who claimed to be one of his coworkers and spoke to the Daily Dot. The employee, who asked to remain anonymous for fear of retaliation, added that management also told workers not to disseminate the word.

In a Facebook direct message, they claimed that “no one was able to acquire answers.”

They said that later that morning, a manager acknowledged that someone had passed away during the previous shift but also disclosed that management itself had not been properly alerted of Jacobs’ demise.

Later, they stated, “he informed me that it seemed like on his end the matter wasn’t addressed in a timely manner and that many of the senior managers were still in the dark [hours later].”

The experiences of other people who allegedly work at the site were comparable.

“I clocked out only moments before this occurred. One person commented on KKTV’s news on Facebook, “People were talking about it all over Amazon but management and leadership were acting like it was god’s secret.

There are varying accounts of whether or not workers were permitted to take time off following. An Amazon representative said that paid time off and counselling were provided to Jacobs’ employees who were there when he passed away. According to them, some employees received voluntary time off (VTO), often known as unpaid time off.

Some have supported the warehouse’s decision to keep operating in the wake of Jacobs’ passing, pointing out that given the scale of such buildings, work could have continued in other locations and that many employees wouldn’t have known him personally.

Nevertheless, others find it appalling how Amazon allegedly handled the circumstance. For years, the business has been charged with providing poor working conditions and treating workers unfairly.

It’s absurd that y’all are supposed to keep working. If a team member passed away in front of everyone, the majority of other organisations would send everyone home. That’s really upsetting,” one Redditor said.

Facebook users in an Amazon employee group said that they weren’t shocked to learn of a worker passing away during their shift. They wrote: “I sure as heck can picture someone dying next to me and having to work. The amount of people have passed out in my department, and we’re just meant to work around them.”

The employee who talked with the Daily Dot claimed that because of the warehouse’s exceptionally long hours in December, workers were worn out.

“I figured something will occur eventually. For approximately four weeks, they stated, they would have us work six days of 10 hours each.