Marjorie Taylor Greene 'Committed a Crime,' Trump Ally Claim

Marjorie Taylor Greene ‘Committed a Crime,’ Trump Ally Claim

Ali Alexander, a far-right activist, recently vented his anger at Georgia Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene for endorsing Kevin McCarthy for speaker of the House.
Alexander threatened to provide the state of Georgia with proof that she “committed a crime” that would result in her being expelled from Congress during a brief internet video on Thursday that was published by Right Wing Watch.

Alexander, a supporter of Donald Trump and the head of “Stop the Steal,” stated, “In the coming days, I’m going to expose that Marjorie Taylor Greene, in my conclusion and the summation of lawyers, committed a crime.”

“The state of Georgia will get that offence, and it will be up to Georgia to determine whether or not to adjudicate it. When this information becomes available, Marjorie Taylor Greene must be expelled by the House Ethics Committee and House Rules.”

He made no indication of the specifics of the purported “crime” he was alluding to or the kind of proof he intended to offer the authorities. Greene received criticism from Alexander for her vote in favour of McCarthy as speaker and for opposing the motion to vacate rule, which enables a floor vote to oust the current House speaker.
He criticised her for thinking that Republicans in Name Only (RINOs) and Democrats pose a threat to GOP conservatives who, along with other House legislators, started voting for a new speaker on Tuesday.
“Remember when Marjorie Taylor Greene warned that the Democrats and RINOs would unite on the first or second ballot if we didn’t vote for Kevin McCarthy on the first round? The Democrats have not garnered a single vote after six ballots. They pose no danger to us. You are a liar and a harlot, “Alexander mentioned Greene.

“If Kevin McCarthy abandoned us in the midst of his term, we could remove her from the seat since she wouldn’t even assist the House Freedom Caucus in passing a decent rule called the motion to vacate. Even then, she would oppose that. She then has the gall to lie to you and claim she hasn’t asked for anything. That’s because Kevin has given her nothing but the best.”

Greene, who had previously been vocal criticising McCarthy, has lately changed his mind and sworn to back him. She also condemned efforts made by her fellow Republicans over the previous several weeks to thwart his quest for speaker, calling such actions “risky” and “poor strategy.”

According to Joseph Uscinski, a political science professor at the University of Miami and co-author of American Conspiracy Theories, Greene’s move to back prominent House Republicans is intended to give her more clout in Congress. He made this statement to Newsweek in December.

Uscinski added, “She’s going to need individuals like McCarthy on her side if she wants to get anything done in Congress.

But on Thursday afternoon, McCarthy was unable to win the gavel for the ninth time in a row. Despite making significant compromises to win over party detractors, he fell short.

McCarthy’s campaign for speaker is still being opposed by certain conservatives, notably Lauren Boebert and Matt Gaetz of the House Freedom Caucus. In its place, they have proposed replacements like Jim Jordan of Ohio, Byron Donalds of Florida, and Kevin Hern of Oklahoma.

McCarthy is not entirely adhering to the GOP beliefs and programme, according to Gaetz, who previously listed some of the reasons why he doesn’t want McCarthy to be speaker.

Prior to conducting business, the House must elect a speaker. Even better, lawmakers were instructed to stay in Washington until a vote was approved.