Marjorie Taylor Greene Sends a Message to the Far Right

Marjorie Taylor Greene Sends a Message to the Far Right

Georgia Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene has demonstrated recently that she won’t give in to pressure from some conservatives.
She underscored this point last week by standing firm in her support of Representative Kevin McCarthy’s attempt to become Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, despite opposition from a number of Republicans. McCarthy has had Greene’s support in each of the previous six unsuccessful votes for McCarty.

Greene has been one of the most vocal Republicans in Congress since her initial election in 2020. She has cultivated strong professional ties with former President Donald Trump and a number of other politicians who are commonly referred to as being on the “far right” of the political spectrum.

Representative Matt Gaetz of Florida has been one of Greene’s right-wing friends. Gaetz has actually been so supportive of the Georgia congressman that he attended her hearing last spring to see if she should be constitutionally disqualified from retaining office due to her alleged involvement in the Capitol disturbances. (The judge decided in favor of Greene.) Gaetz and Greene, though, are currently deeply divided over McCarthy.
Greene was among those who cheered on Tuesday when McCarthy voted to elect himself as speaker. Gaetz, on the other hand, has persisted in voting against McCarthy’s proposal. McCarthy claims that Gaetz even stated that it wouldn’t bother him if Democratic New York Representative Hakeem Jeffries took the speaker’s chair rather than the Republican leader.

McCarthy was openly blasted by Greene after Gaetz and other Freedom Caucus members steadfastly refused to support the Florida senator.

Greene questioned Gaetz’s decision to continue opposing McCarthy’s speakership in a press conference on Tuesday following a meeting between McCarthy and Republican lawmakers, despite Gaetz calling a compromise on the GOP rules package “exquisite.” Additionally, McCarthy’s opponent Lauren Boebert of Colorado was criticized by Greene for refusing to support him when she was said to have accepted funds from him for his reelection.

After CNN’s Manu Raju on Monday tweeted out more statements Greene made about Republicans who opposed McCarthy, Greene responded by making remarks about Gaetz and Boebert.

‘If my friends in the Freedom Caucus, Matt Gaetz and others, would not take the win when they have it, they’re demonstrating to the country that they don’t care about doing the right thing for America,’ MTG, who supports McCarthy, said tonight,'” Raju added. They are demonstrating that they are only destructive.
McCarthy’s opponents have been chastised by Greene, but some far-right individuals have turned against her. Those who have attacked Greene include Nick Fuentes, the Holocaust denier who met with former President Donald Trump in November amid controversy.

Fuentes referred to Greene in a post on his Telegram channel as a “hack” with “no political clout.” Following that, he mentioned disseminating a “recorded from the AFPAC III green room.” The America First Political Action Conference III, which Fuentes organized, included Greene as a guest.

Right-wing activist and former congressional candidate Laura Loomer have also criticized Greene and vowed to work to remove her from office.

Loomer tweeted on Wednesday, “MTG tied her wagon to McCarthy because she doesn’t have a thought of her own, & the smell will accompany her for the rest of her career.” “We will hold primaries in 2024 for everyone who supported McCarthy for Speaker.”

Greene phoned up The Charlie Kirk Show on Wednesday and reiterated her position that she wouldn’t back down in respect to McCarthy.

I am a conservative, and I will continue to advocate for conservative beliefs, ideas, and policies, according to Greene.

She continued by saying that the Republican Party should not be “fighting over a speaker race, which makes them appear completely incapable and unable to manage the country.” To be able to hold the White House in 2024, we must demonstrate our ability to govern the nation.