Matt Gaetz

Matt Gaetz says he’ll ‘resign’ from Congress if the Democratic Party changes tack and elects a moderate Republican for speaker

Matt Gaetz is certain that Democrats in the House will not defect to support a centrist Republican candidate for speaker.
If that happens, Gaetz “resigns,” he told Fox News’s Laura Ingraham.
In other words, “I can tell your viewers it won’t happen,” Gaetz stated.

Florida Republican Representative Matt Gaetz has said he will retire from Congress if Democrats in the House reverse course and choose a moderate Republican as speaker.

On Thursday, Gaetz was interviewed by Fox News’ Laura Ingraham, who asked him about potential defections among Democrats in Congress. Earlier on Thursday night, Ingraham stated on her show that the Democratic Party may aid in electing McCarthy or another Republican so that “both parties share control on the committees.”
Gaetz contested Ingraham’s theory.

“Hi, Laura. I’m on the ground. All 212 of these Democrats will always support Hakeem Jeffries “This is what Gaetz informed Ingraham of, he says. “In that regard, he is a once-in-a-generation contender for them. They won’t sever it off under any conditions.”

“If Democrats work together to elect a moderate Republican, you can count on my resignation from Congress. I am that confident. I can guarantee that won’t happen to your audience, “Moreover, Gaetz said.
The Florida lawmaker was obviously alluding to the historic appointment of Hakeem Jeffries as the first African-American to lead a major political party in the United States Congress. As of Thursday, 11 of the 15 ballots for speaker had been cast, and Jeffries had received all 212 of his party’s votes.
Rep. Kevin McCarthy is running for speaker again after 11 previous attempts. Now McCarthy must win over the “Never Kevins,” a group of 20 conservative Republicans who are opposing his speakership ambition.

It’s possible that Gaetz has reason to be optimistic. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a freshman congresswoman from New York, was overheard chatting with Florida Republican Matt Gaetz on the House floor on Tuesday. According to The Intercept’s source, the Democrat representative promised Gaetz that the Democrats would not provide any support McCarthy would need to win over voters.

According to Ocasio-account Cortez’s to The Intercept, Gaetz suggested to McCarthy that he could convince Dems to walk away in order to reduce his threshold. “After looking into it more, I came to the conclusion that…”

For those who support the “Never Kevin” campaign, Gaetz is a must-know character. On Tuesday, before the first vote for speaker, Boehner gave a harsh rebuke to the California congressman.

If you want the swamp drained, Gaetz remarked Tuesday, you can’t put the biggest alligator in command of the operation. “I was born and raised in Florida; I speak from experience.”

The Florida lawmaker has also been teasing McCarthy and making fun of him for his many failures. On Tuesday, Gaetz wrote to Capitol Architect J. Brett Blanton to inquire about McCarthy’s use of the Speaker’s Office. McCarthy had not yet been confirmed as the House’s next speaker.

Is there any precedent, rule of the House, or legislation that would justify electing someone who has finished second in three consecutive speaker elections to the position of Speaker of the House? As of Tuesday, Gaetz had written in his letter. The question is, “How long will he stay there until he is called a squatter?”

In the past three days, Gaetz has regularly voted to prevent McCarthy from becoming speaker. Despite McCarthy’s substantial concessions to the “Never Kevin” group, Gaetz voted for former President Donald Trump to be speaker on Thursday.

Insider’s efforts for response from representatives for Gaetz and McCarthy went unanswered.