McCarthy speaker spectacle is no joke. It shows the Republican Party will damage America.

McCarthy speaker spectacle is no joke. It shows the Republican Party will damage America.

The previous several days have been an embarrassing shame if you’re a Republican. They’ve been a maddening farce if you’re a Democrat. For all Americans, the GOP’s failure to select a House speaker on several occasions and historically is a preview of two years of far worse: ineptitude, immaturity, and carelessness that will negatively affect the entire nation.
Not only are compromise and leadership impossible, but laws are actively broken and expectations are subverted in order to “own the libs” or whatever else. Additionally, there are a lot of potential negative outcomes.

Constituent services and national security are already being compromised. Rep. Mike Gallagher, R-Wis., who skipped a meeting with Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Mark Milley, claimed that since members-elect aren’t sworn in to the next Congress, they are unable to obtain security clearances to carry out crucial tasks. Meanwhile, it’s difficult for congressional and committee offices to access government agencies, hire employees, or set up payrolls in order to assist people.
And in the context of a much larger picture, such issues are just transient. A helpful list of fiscal deadlines that will be approaching this year has been released by the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget. Each one of them calls on Congress to take action in order to avert grave consequences—not hypothetical ones, but actual ones that have a direct impact on people’s bank accounts.
The Republican Party enjoys enslaving America

Consider the debt ceiling. The government will probably need to raise taxes this summer in order to pay for spending and tax choices that have already been taken, nearly completely by previous presidents and Congresses. Any discussion about the debt ceiling is dogged by the threat of default, missed payments, and waning international support for the United States. Biden administration analysts stated in two letters from October 2021 that a widespread default would probably trigger a financial catastrophe and recession.
Everyday households would be impacted in a variety of ways, including not receiving payments from vital social programmes like Social Security or housing assistance and seeing higher interest rates on mortgages and credit card debt, they claimed. The GDP would also decline and unemployment would increase. Defense, transportation, national parks, veterans’ benefits, and the public health system would all be in jeopardy. Additionally, “stocks would plummet, the dollar would weaken, and financial markets would lose confidence in the United States.”

And take into account the potential fiscal catastrophe in the fall. Only last month did would-be speaker Kevin McCarthy lend his backing to a hardliner’s drive to punish Senate Republicans who backed a $1.7 trillion “omnibus” budget measure financing the government until September 30 in an attempt to seem combative. He said, “Hell no.”

Thankfully, GOP senators disregarded the danger (that their legislative priorities would be blocked when their party took charge of the House). The Democratic House enacted the package last month only in time to prevent a government shutdown that would have severely hampered the services and safeguards that people rely on.

What purpose did that suppressed House Republican uprising serve?

Leverage, as in holding the country hostage so a tiny number of nihilistic ultraconservatives, many of whom are members of the so-called Freedom Caucus and most of whom are from safe districts, may impose their will on the rest of us.

The CDC neglects individuals with pain and its new opioids guidelines are only for show.

And if they were able to take America hostage this year by starting a government shutdown or fiscal crisis, what would they do? They’ve already urged us to slash Social Security and Medicare, reduce help to Ukraine, provide inflationary tax breaks to the wealthy, hike prescription drug costs, take back the $80 billion the IRS recently got to audit the wealthy, deal with incoming phone calls, and catch up on its backlog.

In short, undermine the majority of the Democratic Party’s efforts to address pressing issues.

These hardliners will often have to make do with talking points rather than accomplishments given the Democratic control of the Senate and the White House. The only hope could be a reasonable replacement for McCarthy, who has lost 11 times (at least) while giving incessant concessions to his vicious tormentors. That would depend on Democratic support, which would necessitate conforming to Democratic requirements.

Choose all pictures with speakers.
Rep. Ro Khanna, D-Calif., told Fox News that he would only vote for a Republican speaker if certain criteria were met, including that there be no hostage-taking over the debt ceiling or financing for the government, as well as “some agreement on subpoena authority.” However, there hasn’t been much Democratic support to date for saving the GOP.

Honestly, I think it’s all kind of amusing in a depressing sense. I must admit that when my son gave me a meme that was becoming around on social media – a “I am not a robot” verification with the command to “select all photos with speakers” – I laughed out loud, really loud. You can probably predict which photographs weren’t examined, too.

But really, consider what would have happened if Republican senators had yielded to the House GOP’s threat of retaliation over the $1.7 trillion federal spending package. It couldn’t have survived a filibuster in the Senate. Imagine leaving the fate of that massive, necessary law in the hands of the electorate that failed to choose a speaker after 11 tries over the course of three days.

This week, we have learnt a lot. We now know that House Republicans are incapable of counting votes, finding solutions to issues, and seemingly tolerating one another.