Nintendo Switch OLED New And Fast

Nintendo Switch OLED New And Fast
Nintendo Switch OLED New And Fast

Introduction Of Nintendo Switch OLED New And Fast

Nintendo Switch OLED New And Fast. The new Nintendo Switch is the OLED model something I wish the original model had so it’s nice to see Nintendo making an upgrade I pre-ordered this and got it on Friday I just haven’t had time to open it up so it’s been sitting in the corner of my office just waiting to be open so.

Does Nintendo Switch use OLED?

We’re going to unbox the new Nintendo switch take a quick look at what comes inside and of course, get some hands-on let’s get started here is the OLED Nintendo switch and if you didn’t believe I was very excited to open this up I accidentally cut a little bit too hard when I was uh cutting the tape on the shipping box but anyways this has a seven-inch OLED display so.

A little bit larger screen however the same resolution so 720p display now opening it on up and as you can tell I will compare it to the other the older Nintendo switch in just a second now let’s go ahead and see what we get inside it does come with an HDMI cable to connect the dock to a tv monitor also our charging brick.

Nintendo Switch OLED New And Fast
Nintendo Switch OLED New And Fast

Which does not disconnect and it is a usb type-c charger you have your joy-con grip to connect your joy-cons and the straps as well also the dock and if you haven’t already guessed I did get the black and white model so this is the back of the dock just plain white on the front says Nintendo switch there on the left side here.

Is Nintendo switch OLED worth it?

You’ve got two usb ports and then on the right side is a slot for I’m sorry I didn’t think that disconnected and on the back, an ethernet port HDMI out an ac adapter and you can route your cables through the side slot here and before we get to the console here is the black and white joy-cons honestly feels the same as the older Nintendo switch.

We’ll compare them in just a second and finally what you came to see the OLED Nintendo switch now a little bit different on the back this is a full kickstand so this was a much-needed upgrade and notice how much further back this kickstand is going to go so the angle has a lot of different options and also this kickstand does feel very sturdy.

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It will hold its place very well depending on which angle you choose underneath that kickstand is your micro sd card slot up to two terabytes of storage and your usb c port for charging and flipping it over up towards the top you’ve got your power button volume rockers moving along you’ve got a headphone jack but you can also connect wireless Bluetooth headphones.

Is Nintendo switch OLED 4K?

Now which even the old switch has that feature via a software update kind of sad it took them so long to do that and anyways a game card slot for all of those non-digital games you buy as promised a quick comparison with the joy-cons and like I said the same as the old model and look at the consoles themselves a little bit larger screen, however.

The body is fairly similar in size the OLED switch is maybe a little bit larger overall but much fewer bezels on the screen anyways I’m going to run through the startup process connect our controllers to the switch and talk about anything that is noteworthy setup is complete honestly nothing crazy in the setup process just connected to wi-fi signed into my Nintendo account and honestly that was just about.


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It so let’s press the home button here we are all ready to go I have not installed any games I do have my Nintendo account up there now let’s jump into some of these settings looks like out of the box you get about 54.9 gigabytes you can add specific users to it there are different themes if you want basic black.

Is Nintendo switch OLED sold out?

This is going to look nice on an OLED screen as you can probably already tell that looks good if you’re looking for the Bluetooth audio setting it is right there and going into system settings you can update the dock separately I did just put a game into the cartridge slot but let’s jump into the Nintendo e-shop yes this is still a full touch screen.

If you’re interested in that and also drop a comment let me know if there are any specific games you think I should check out any new ones that have come out here are some featured ones here and also keep in mind the screen you’ll see just some shifting in the colors and such that’s not happening in real life that’s just the camera picking that up but anyways.

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Nintendo Switch OLED New And Fast

Let’s go back home and open super Mario brothers u deluxe and just get a tiny bit of gameplay in and while this loads up I want to make a note in the dock there’s just a little bit of grip it’s not crazy grippy but there is a sort of section of grip at the bottom of it so it won’t slide around as much as it would if it didn’t have that uh and let’s go ahead turn this down just.

Is the OLED Switch more powerful?

A little bit but press l and r to start just so you can see some colors see some actual gameplay going looks like it didn’t trans I didn’t transfer anything over so let’s just go ahead and start a quick game up and while it does I actually want to drop this in the dock carefully and there we go I might follow up with some accessories and such for your OLED Nintendo switch maybe some screen protectors and more so keep an eye out for.

So you’re notified when that goes live uh but anyways here is super mario brothers now while it’s running through these screens I’m noticing that the vibration motor actually does feel a little bit better maybe a placebo effect but it does feel better in my hands overall and also want to make note that the screen is considerably nicer.

I do wish they had a 1080p option but it looks like nintendo isn’t gonna go that route so at 720p this looks considerably better than the older switch and overall that is everything i want to talk about in terms of the oled nintendo switch seemed like a some nice upgrades there are things i wish it did have that it doesn’t but that’s okay and there’s a quick little gameplay nice i kind of forgot the the actual controls I’m gonna have to go back and relearn them I’ve played this game in a long time but anyways that is it for now with the new nintendo oled switch.