Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 | New Buds Revolution

Samsung Galaxy Buds 2
Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 | New Buds Revolution

Introduction Of Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 | New Buds Revolution

Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 | New Buds Revolution. A very big day for Samsung at their unpacked event releasing a group of different products including wearables and foldable and you’ve come to the right place to check out all of those different devices we are going to start with one of the wearables that are their new galaxy buds 2.

Are Galaxy Buds actually good?

The buds 2 have a completely new design compared to Samsung’s previous earbuds comes with a case that does charge wirelessly also has active noise cancellation built-in and a few others so we are going to unbox these take a quick look at what comes inside run through the setup process take a close look at the new galaxy buds 2 from Samsung.

Let’s get started so let’s take a look at Samsung’s smallest and lightest earbuds that they’ve come out with yet the buds too with some information on the back with two-way speakers comfortable fit they have a fit test in their wearables app so we’ll be able to test that out let’s open this up this is the olive color of the buds 2.

Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 | New Buds Revolution
Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 | New Buds Revolution

It does come in multiple colors so inside this box we have our charging cable which is usb type c to usb type a for charging and I believe our extra tips as well yes so it does come with medium pre-installed but these are large and small for the left and right earbud I will have to replace mine with large as you guys know also the standard quick start guide on how to get everything connected.

Are Galaxy Buds cheap?

I have my galaxy s21 ultra-right here that we will connect these buds to too nowhere is the outside of the case just a white glossy look however it has that olive-colored line right there a nice little accent while it’s closed usb on the back again like I said the case does charge qi wirelessly it does have an led indicator on the front.

Let’s open it up for the first time it is filled with whatever color you do decide to go with again this kind of greenish olive color with another red light on the inside so let’s take these out of the case and check them out honestly a very smooth look to the outside with some microphones around them but very smooth interested to see.

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How the gestures will work we’ll test those out in just a second and there is the inside with the connection and what that looks like now let’s go ahead and replace one of the tips so can just peel this off and let me grab the large size should be simple enough it’s easy to replace Samsung’s ear tips and we are good to go so that is the large size now on the earbud.

Can I use AirPods with Samsung?

Now let’s get it connected to my phone and run that fit test while I put it in my ears so I’ve got my s21 ultra-right here let’s open these up right next to the device which does have Bluetooth enabled and right away even without doing anything to the phone it recognizes that their galaxy buds too a new device has been detected.

Let’s hit connect and again make sure you do get the galaxy wearable app to get everything all connected lets me know the battery percentage 72 percent earbuds 32 cases so that was very simple however I’m going to go into the galaxy wearable app uh it’s showing my galaxy buds pro but we can add a new one let’s add these buds to the app it is downloading some software.


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So do make sure you keep your buds all updated so we’re all set up in the wearable app you can customize things to your liking and see ambient sound they’re not in my ears so I can’t switch them yet but touch controls you can customize them to your liking with a double tap for the next track triple tap for previous track touch and hold what you want that to do whether on the left or right side.

Are galaxy buds waterproof?

If you wanted to go to voice command or anc volume up open up Spotify so there’s a group of different customizations you can make which I do like further settings under earbuds settings and equalizer customize the sound reader notifications aloud and a group more I want to go to the earbud fit test though so.

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Let’s put these in my ear now don’t worry you’ll see these in my ears in just a second so I am putting them in my ears now it recognizes the left ones in my ear and now the right one is in my ear so let’s go ahead and make sure it’s all comfortable it feels good on my end very comfortable checking to keep your earbuds in you’ve got a good fit and as expected.

Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 | New Buds Revolution
Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 | New Buds Revolution

Those large tips fit my ears well it’s comfortable now let’s go ahead and go back and go to labs there’s a gaming mode to just minimize the audio delay if you are playing a game so now let’s take a look at the buds two in my ears okay so nice and close here are the buds too I’m going to just put them in my ears very quickly give you a quick look at.

How far can Galaxy buds plus be away from phone?

How they look actually in my ears like I said these are very small and also very light when they’re in my ears I can tell the active noise cancellation is active because I can’t hear myself nearly as well but they aren’t taking up a lot of space they’re very seamless with my profile which I like quite a bit when it comes to earbuds I don’t want them protruding too much now.

If i press and hold the outside it went ahead and turned on the ambient sound so now i can really hear my voice it lets in noise a lot more so that way if i want to go ahead and maybe go make an order or something I have no trouble hearing having a conversation with someone back and forth and if i wanted to turn it back on just press and hold and there.

We go it there are chimes as well to let me know it’s turning on and off and as usual just a quick test of the gesture so i have music playing right now it does sound very good don’t worry so just a quick tap we’ll pause the song if i double tap it will go ahead and skip to the next song let’s go ahead and double tap and then triple tap real quick and it will go back to that previous song so they are very responsive and work very well and work how they should so i’m enjoying using these buds to.