Santos Sits Alone as Resignation Calls Mount Over His Lies

Santos Sits Alone as Resignation Calls Mount Over His Lies

The (Bloomberg) On his first official day in Washington as a freshly elected Republican congressman from New York, George Santos presented a lonely image.
Tuesday, while he was being followed by reporters to his office, Santos only responded to one query: he would back Kevin McCarthy for speaker. Santos, who has admitted lying about important facts regarding his faith, school, and employment throughout the historically protracted process for McCarthy’s campaign, sat by himself in the House chamber for most of the day as other members socialized. Santos was routinely ignored by lawmakers in glimpses of him recorded on video.

Additionally, he feels more and more alone in his hometown, which includes sections of Queens and Long Island. Local news outlets demanded his resignation, the Nassau County Republican Party declared it would not support his reelection in 2024, and well-known Republicans distanced themselves from him. Federal and municipal authorities are looking into him.

Jennifer DeSena, the town supervisor of North Hempstead, claimed that she felt personally misled by Santos, whom she referred to during the campaign as “a friend and a great leader with a heart for the people.”

“As we now know, his background and experience are nothing more than outright falsehoods. Furthermore, she stated in a statement, “He continues to lie in his public statements and his answers to journalistic questions have been flippant, disingenuous, and deceptive. “I will never consider him my congressman,” I said. “He does not have my support.”
The GOP, already engulfed by an internal power battle jeopardizing McCarthy’s bid for speaker, gained much more drama with the arrival of Santos. Despite other Republicans demanding action, the House GOP leader has been mum on whether he intends to punish Santos, and a small number of conservative holdouts are refusing to support him.
A shocking setback for McCarthy came when the House adjourned on Wednesday without electing a speaker. Santos isn’t technically a member who has been sworn in yet because no additional business can be conducted until a speaker has been chosen.

After his lies were publicly exposed after winning the election, federal and local authorities started looking into the inconsistencies and doubts surrounding his finances, including those of his campaign. And on Tuesday, Brazilian officials declared that, now that they knew where to find Santos, they will apply to reactivate a 2008 fraud investigation against him. Prosecutors’ desire to reopen that case was originally reported by The New York Times.

Santos, 34, has acknowledged that he made up a large portion of his CV, including the information that he attended college and worked for Citigroup Inc. and Goldman Sachs Group Inc. In the past, he has also hinted that he was Jewish.

A number of regional news outlets, including The Long Island Herald, demanded his resignation after noting that although more than a quarter million people cast ballots for Santos, many of them were duped.

“George Santos was decisively elected to fill that position by those people. However, the George Santos they chose is not the real George Santos, the editorial on December 29 stated. The real George Santos must act honourably and resign because the George Santos the voters picked does not exist.

Before the election, the North Shore Leader, another local publication, referred to Santos as “bizarre.” Since then, a December investigation from the New York Times has focused considerably more attention on his fabrications. In an interview with the New York Post last week, he addressed them and apologized for any misrepresentations made, but he asserted that he would still be elected.

One of his voters, Republican from Great Neck Jean Pierce, 82, remarked, “I don’t like somebody who lies.” “You may err, you can get a fact wrong, but if you lie on purpose, it’s in your DNA.”