Right-wing lawmaker tears into Lauren Boebert after she blurts out obscenity

They are enemies now’: Right-wing lawmaker tears into Lauren Boebert after she blurts out obscenity

The decision to choose the new Speaker of the House was made this week during a meeting of the House GOP.
To colleagues who oppose his second term, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-California) confirmed his suitability for the office. Manu Raju, the chief congressional correspondent, said that McCarthy fiercely shouted, “I have earned this position!” during.
Raju pointed out that McCarthy is indicating that he is “not going anywhere” even if he does not obtain all 218 House votes.

After the meeting, tensions persisted during Raju’s interview with McCarthy ally and Texas GOP Rep. Dan Crenshaw, who predicted that McCarthy’s followers would be “more obstinate” than McCarthy’s detractors when it came time to vote.
Crenshaw informed Raju that “these small group of members are quite plainly vying for fame over principle.” “And anyone who claims otherwise is living in some sort of made-up dream reality,” she said.

They lost those discussions, and that ought to have been the end of it, according to Crenshaw. On the other hand, “if you’re a narcissist and you feel your viewpoint is so much more important than everyone else’s and you’ll threaten to test down the squad for the benefit of the Democrats just because of your own sense of self-importance.”


McCarthy is the only candidate we will support, said Crenshaw. These folks believe themselves to be obstinate, but we are more so.

They are now adversaries, he said. Their preference for a Democratic agenda over a Republican one has been made very plain.