VIVO V21 AUTONOMY AND BRUTAL SELFIE. Attractive design and youthful brutal autonomy of up to two days excellent performance and fluidity for day to day and a brutal self that could perfectly be a rear camera this is the Vivo v-21 a medium-high range that arrives for about $ 470 with good scrolls to position itself as an ideal alternative for those looking for a complete experience with high-end sensations so.

Is vivo V21 5G worth buying?

If you want to know it thoroughly, do not hesitate to stay until the end of this review we start as always with the multimedia design section precisely here it stands out This device very much since the first impression is that we are facing a youthful and attractive proposal, especially because its rear impacts.

When it has gradients in blue pink yellow white and purple giving an interesting combination that changes depending on the angle of vision and the light impact to this is added that the surface is smooth and provides a matte finish so it does not pick up l The footprints and something important does not slip in the hand and can be used perfectly without a cover in terms of the camera module.


This rectangular and is located in the upper left part vertically it stands out a little concerning the rest of the body and has two levels one In black with the three main lenses and another that matches the tone of the back with the led flash in terms of construction, it should also be noted that despite the equipment being made of plastic.

Is Vivo V21 a 5G phone?

The sensations are the best with its ultra-thin chassis of only 7 29 millimeters thick and a weight of 175 grams very good figures for its size of 6 like 44 inches compared to the sides we find edges with chrome aluminum effect and on the right, we have the volume up and down buttons and below the ignition and lock that has a different texture, something.

That is appreciated already in the upper part we have a microphone and in the lower part the slot for the ma not without micro sd the usb type c port and the speaker so in this case, we do not have a double stereo speaker and we do not have the headphone jack, by the way, speaking of connectivity we have 5g but unfortunately we are left without nfc now we go to the front.

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Where there is a lot to say but first we must mention that this device features a 6.44-inch AMOLED screen with a full hd ratio plus refresh rate of up to 90 g 500 nits of maximum brightness and an integrated fingerprint sensor that performs well in terms of speed and security at the time of unlocking let’s say that these are common features in a medium-high range but.

What are the benefits of V21 5G AG matte glass design?

There are two things that I did not like at all: the first one that the panel only occupies 85% of the front so the bezels are generous and it could be better in this percentage and those that have a note in the form of a drop of water which also has a great impact on the use of the surface a very ma the choice having mobiles at a lower price with a self and embedded in the center or the corner although well at least.

We have double led flash on the sides a detail that is appreciated for the fis at night with this I mean that it is could give more prominence to the screen but in any case, in the day-to-day life it is easy to adapt and this goes unnoticed and speaking on time about the quality of the panel as expected is remarkable as it is an AMOLED so the contrast ratio and the blacks are excellent.



There is a good color calibration and good viewing angles and salt brightness in exteriors is not the best but for the rest, it is a very, very good screen to consume all kinds of content making the final star experience pleasant and fluid With the 90 hertz of soda cup that is noticeable so there is little to add in this section the colors are very vibrant Vivo.

How many 5G bands are there in vivo V21?

We can handle the temperature the color calibration and everything is customizable and finally, it is necessary to mention the sound here to say that I have taken a small decision since in the mobile of its segment the minimum is to expect a double stereo speaker of great quality, good in this case we have to settle for a single speaker.

That does not sound very loud and has a very just enough quality for an average user but not for an advanced user let’s see a sample of it the shock was cool but no but vaccine effort to the opera now we move on to the section where the performance the fluidity In interface they are everything and first we have to talk about what this equipment carries inside since.


We have the processor with a dimension of 800 hp of 7 nanometers that is nothing more than a dime on site I feel more powerful and with 5g this processor is accompanied by eight gabbaim of ram that can reach 11 gigabytes with three virtual gigabytes and 128 gb of internal memory on paper it is hardware worthy of a team.

Does vivo have 5G?

That aspires to be located in the upper-middle-range and experience amply confirms it since the overall solvent performance the system feels fast and fluid regardless of the tasks we are performing, as well as the applications of daily use As social networks, browser messaging and others, they are more than perfect with phenomenal multitasking to handle all of them at the same time with a remarkable speed.

When opening and closing and being able to return to each one of them with ease and without any type of lat something important in the daily experience Of the games they are not far behind we can play demanding and popular games like your mobile call of duty mortal kombat or up to 9 in a very decent way of course not at a high-end level.


But with medium to high graphics with good fps and consistency in performance without almost heating, only noticeable when playing for a long time, this is how we can affirm that this cell phone is perfect for an average user and even a demanding one as in my case since in the day to day he worked very well and that is largely due to the software.

How much is Vivo V21 5G?

We talk about football or webs 11.1 a very minimalist and simple layer that inherits from elements of Pure android such as the launcher and the status bar so the optimization is remarkable and that helps a lot to have a satisfactory experience with practically no pre-installed applications and everything clean from the factory to.

That is added functionalities such as ai manager that helps us to manage the health and speed of the device by being able to clean everything the same with the ultra game mode an extremely important tool to improve the gaming experience by increasing performance and having features such as the game sidebar, game assistant mode, and sports or the improved sound quality and sound effects for games so.

If you like minimalism and pure cellular android experience ar surely you will love we now turn to autonomy a transcendental section for many here we must comment that on paper things seem to paint badly with the 4,000 milliamp capacity that today is not a generous figure but in practice, consumption is worthy of mobile with more than 5 thousand milliamps.