What is a Fart Tube and How to Use One

 fart tube
 fart tube

What is a Fart Tube and How to Use One

Fart tubes, also known as whoopee cushions and butt trumpets, are a prank toy that is often passed around in school during boring lectures. The tube is cut in half, with one side sealed and the other side open. When it is placed on a chair and the person on the other side sits on it, air rushes into the tube and creates a farting noise. These funny pranks are popular among school kids because they make everyone laugh or at least crack a smile. Here are some great tips for using these funny gadgets.

How to Make a Fart Tube

Making a fart tube is not as hard as you may think. All you need is an empty cardboard tube, like one from paper towels or toilet paper. Cut the tube in half and seal one end with a rubber band. Then take the other end and open it up to create a nozzle. The smaller the opening, the louder the fart noise will be when someone sits on it. It’s that simple!

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Whoopee Cushions for Kids

One of the best ways to get a laugh with these funny gadgets is to use them on unsuspecting people. If you are at a boring lecture, you can duct-tape the whoopee cushion to the bottom of the desk and wait for your victim to get comfortable. Once they sit on it, they will hear a farting noise coming from underneath them.

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Rules for Using a Fart Tube

Fart tubes are a funny prank, but they can create some problems in school. They’re not allowed on most school campuses and if you get caught with one, you could face disciplinary action.

Here are the rules for using fart tubes at school:

-Don’t play the pranks during class time or any lectures.

-Don’t use them more than once per person.

-Don’t show off about how you got away with it to your teachers or other students.

-If you have any questions about whether a fart tube is allowed in your classroom, check with your teacher before playing it.

Finding the Best Places to Use Your Whoopee Cushion

The best place to set your fart tube is in the chair next to someone you find annoying or boring. For instance, if someone is sitting on an airplane next to you and won’t stop telling you about their vacation, you can set up your whoopee cushion in the chair next to them. If you have a long car ride coming up with a family member or friend that bores you easily, it’s time to bring out the whoopee cushion. It will be sure to make people laugh and turn their bad mood into a good one!


A fart tube is a simple device that can be made in about 15 minutes with supplies found in any office or classroom. Not only is it enjoyable for the person who does the “farting;” it provides entertainment for the entire group. There are a few simple rules for using a whoopee cushion that should be followed to ensure the most enjoyable for everyone. Be sure to find the best place to use your whoopee cushion to really get people going.